April 14, 2024

Depending on how much a person is going to leave in its wills and inheritance based on it, the estate will become liable to pay the Inheritance tax. People might have to think about how they will go to reduce the impact when they will die. It can be useful to mitigate the Inheritance tax impact on your estate by taking away some of your assets. Under various exemptions, the Inheritance tax can be reduced in relation to the lifetime gift. There is some annual amount which is free from the inheritance tax and allows the person to give it away if they want and it will not incur any tax when they do pass on.

There are circumstances where a lifetime gift can raise some issues.

Scenarios for Lifetime Gifting Issue

There can be a situation when an individual decides to gift their home to another individual but still continues to live in the same property. That individual might have thought that this concerned property might not fall within the estate for inheritance tax, however, if the individual continues to stay in the property and passes away then this property can be treated as the gift with benefits of reservation by the authority. This means that on the death of the deceased individual the property will fall within the estate of wills and inheritance of the person and will be taxed.

It is because that individual continues to use the property and so it will be treated it as if it still belongs to that person and is liable for the tax purpose. There are different ways to prevent the gifts from being treated as the gift of reservation of benefit however, the law in this area can be little complicated and thus it is always best to seek for professional advice in such matters.