February 25, 2024

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A Class Action Lawsuit is litigation which involves a group of people, acting together, all of whom have a similar injury caused in a similar way by the negligence of someone else. These negligence compensation claims often involve legal proceedings against drug manufacturers for unexpected fatal or life-threatening side effects of their products and these types of actions are allowed in virtually every state. It is effectively a procedural device that allows multiple claims for known and unknown claimants in multiple jurisdictions to be litigated efficiently and resolved with finality. A class action lawsuit and individual negligence compensation claims are not mutually exclusive, and negligence compensation claims can be made using both methods. A claim can be filed as an individual lawsuit and at the same time as a class action lawsuit which allows a class representative to aggregate all claims and ask for the cumulative amount of money in damages, which will be shared by all class members.

Settlements and Verdicts:

Servier– A settlement has been agreed against Canadian drug company Servier which manufactures the weight loss medications Ponderal and Redux and will be made without any admission of liability by the defendants.

Sulser – $160,000 is to be paid to people who had to have faulty Sulzer hip or knee implants replaced.

Bristol-Myers Squibb – A $40 million settlement was achieved in the antitrust action filed against Bristol-Myers Squibb. The suit claimed that the company had conspired with a potential competitor to prevent the entry into the market of a generic version of the drug BuSpar, which is used to treat anxiety and other disorders, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Cytodyne Technologies – A verdict in excess of $12 million was found in the class action lawsuit filed against Cytodyne Technologies on behalf of consumers. The amount was identified as “obtained by means of unlawful practice.” The suit confirmed that advertisements for its Xenadrine RFA-1 diet products were deceptive.

Aventis Pharmaceuticals and the Andrx Corp – have agreed to pay $80 million to settle claims of conspiring to prevent a generic version of a popular blood pressure medication, Cardizem CD, from reaching the market.

Negligence Compensation Claims Lawyers

If you choose specialist qualified lawyers to represent you in your negligence compensation claim they will ensure that they provide committed and vigorous representation on your behalf. You can rely on a specialist advocate to take care of your compensation claim in a comprehensive, helpful, sympathetic and professional manner.