June 19, 2024

The construction sector is one of the largest in the country, employing about eight million people in the US in 2023. However, this industry is also one of the riskiest to work in, thanks to numerous activities and the use of equipment that poses hazards to employees.

Individuals in the construction sector must understand the risks related to their work and what to do if they experience accidents that result in severe injuries. To help you get started, here is an overview of construction accidents and how to seek justice. 

Construction Accident Statistics

The OSHA report of 2020 shows about 1,061 construction-related deaths in the US. This accounts for about 20 percent of all worker fatalities in the private industry sector. Moreover, approximately 2.3 million employees sustained on-site non-fatal injuries the same year. 

As we progress into 2023, the 2020 statistics prompt a renewed focus on accident prevention. While efforts have yielded positive results, recent incidents, such as the tragic loss of a construction worker in Pacoima on June 7th, 2023, are stark reminders of the remaining work. Strengthening safety protocols and upholding accountability are imperative for a secure construction environment.

Common Construction Site Accidents

While there are different types of accidents on construction sites, the most common ones include falls, struck-by incidents, and caught-in/between accidents. Falls from elevated surfaces like scaffolds, ladders, and rooftops pose a significant risk due to inadequate fall protection and non-compliance with safety measures.

Struck-by accidents happen when employees are hit by moving objects, falling debris, or construction equipment, often leading to severe injuries. Conversely, caught-in/between incidents involve workers getting trapped, crushed, or compressed between objects or machinery, typically occurring near heavy equipment or within trenches. Awareness of these prevalent accidents is pivotal in promoting safety protocols and preventive measures to mitigate risks on construction sites.

California’s Construction Accidents Reported in the Press

Construction accidents in California have garnered significant media attention, shedding light on the urgency of safety protocols and legal measures. Recent incidents serve as reminders of the risks faced by construction workers daily. 

In Pacoima, a construction worker lost their life due to a concrete wall collapse, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety regulations. Similarly, a trench collapse in Encino resulted in a worker’s tragic death.

Another significant incident involved a construction site fire in Sacramento that led to property damage and worker injuries, highlighting the necessity of robust fire prevention measures. These incidents emphasize the hazards and the imperative to hold negligent parties accountable and continuously improve construction site safety.

The Role of Legal Experts in Helping Construction Accident Victims Pursue Justice in California

“Construction accidents can inflict devastating physical, emotional, and financial tolls on victims. In California, legal professionals knowledgeable in personal injury law play a pivotal role in aiding these victims to attain justice,” says attorney Scott Silberman of Silberman & Lam, LLP.

Navigating the complex legal landscape, construction site accident lawyers offer essential guidance, evaluating the circumstances, identifying liable parties, and building compelling cases. Their expertise extends to workers’ compensation claims, third-party liability lawsuits, and negotiations with insurance companies. 

By diligently representing construction accident victims, these legal professionals strive to secure rightful compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Ultimately, their commitment ensures that justice remains attainable for those affected by construction-related injuries in California.