February 25, 2024
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One of the largest industries in the United States today is trucking. Each day, there are thousands of 18-wheel tractor-trailers on the road; with passenger cars, smaller work trucks, motorcyclists, bicyclists as well as pedestrians. 18-wheelers weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are over 14 feet high. When those trucks hit a 3000-pound passenger vehicle, there are devastating even deadly results. 

Laws govern truck drivers

Truck drivers are required by law to carry a special driver’s license that is commercial, and they must comply with safely focused federal regulations in order to keep them and others safe on the roads. These are laws that regulate everything, from the safety of the vehicle to mandating the driver’s behavior. 


Because of this, cases that involve wrecks with large trucks differ from ordinary car accident cases. No matter what state you live in you need an 18 wheeler accident attorney baton rouge la to handle 18-wheeler truck accident claims since they know the laws and can be an advantage for their clients. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Different federal and state laws 

Cases involving truck accidents do not apply to other types of auto accident injury cases such as specific notice requirements.

  • Drivers of trucks have unique rules 

There are Federal laws regulating how long a commercial driver can drive before they are required to take a break, what drivers can eat and what they can haul.

  • Special rules on inspection regularly 

Must meet minimum safety requirements and companies need to be examined for compliance regularly.


  • The “black box” may catch key information


Some large 18-wheelers have a “black box” recording device that records key data such as engine functions, changes in speed, or whether the driver slammed on the brakes at a crucial moment.

How an attorney can help

A Michigan truck accident attorney would be able to find out all this information and knows and understands the various laws. They also know that liability can result from someone other than the truck driver such as:

  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • The Shipper
  • The Broker
  • Trucking company itself
  • Manufacturers of trucks
  • Retailers supplying parts that were defective

18-Wheeler accidents

These types of accidents are most likely to produce serious bodily injury due to the trucks’ sheer mass and size. Add this to all these other differences, it is vital that anyone involved in a truck accident should seek an attorney who understands all the difference between these accidents and other car accidents. This will increase the probability of you receiving a verdict/settlement that is appropriate. 

Overcoming these traumatic results of a wreck with an 18-wheeler can often be overwhelming and in some cases even impossible. But when you have a strong legal team that specializes in this type of law, you will often obtain the money that you need to start rebuilding your life and the life of your family. 


So, always remember, if you are involved in such an accident with an 18-wheeler or other truck, get assistance from an 18 wheeler accident lawyer montgomery al as quickly as possible. This is vital for both you and your family.