June 20, 2024

Felony, misdemeanor and petty offence are various classifications of crimes. Based on this a person faces charges and allegations. Petty offencesare violations where the person is finedbut with no jail term and is issued a ticket to appear before the judge in the court.

Misdemeanor is a criminal offence, which is classified as more severe than petty offences but less than felony. Crimes that come under misdemeanor are thefts, assaults with no weapon or life threatening violence, minor drug possession and traffic offenses. It is punished with jail sentences not more than a year. Thereare no jury privileges and the defendant may be kept in a municipal or country facility whereas one convicted with felony is kept in federal or state jail. A person who is accused of a misdemeanor might not lose his civic privileges. When compared to felony, taking off the charges from the personal record is easier in case of misdemeanor.“Some crimes can be charged either as a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances and the discretion of the District Attorney.”

Felony is a more severe crime, where the person is accused of rape, murder, grand theft, kidnapping, manslaughter etc. It is categorised on the severity of the crime, which is on the measure of sixdegrees. The first degree is the highest type of crime committed, where a person can be sentenced a death penalty or alifetime jail term. The defendant is liable to jury trial. The person might lose his civic privileges such as voting rights, to be a part of jury, to buy firearms etc.

These crimes can tarnish personal history and can blacklist the person in job sectors, especially if it includes a felony. Petty offences and misdemeanorshould not be taken lightly but be dealt with best possible measures. Every state has its own charges and rules of punishment. Felons can vote in Colorado and the state does not have the“three strikes law”. You can hire a Denver felony defense attorney to know more or seek help and proper guidance. Hiring a good lawyer is advisable to protect and save your future.

Here are some reasons why to hire a felony defense attorney-

To help proceed legally- Before speaking to any police officer or giving an interview, it is essential to hire an attorney. It is a fundamental right to demand an attorney. The attorney will check evidence and probable factors of arrest. If there is any loophole, the attorney will be capable of finding it out and plead for the defendant.

To protect your civil right– Often times the defendant is mistreated and not made known to his/her civic right. The lawyer will help you navigate your case and the privileges of the rights.

Help in case of trial– If the case is moved to trial, the attorney will help to make understand the pros and cons of the proceedings along with it will provide the best legal consultancy.

To reach a settlement– If the case reaches a settlement, the attorney will crack a deal best in the interest of the defendant and the case.