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ESG Sustainability Reporting: What Does the Future Hold?

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The future of sustainability can be described in three words – promising and defiant. As the benefits of sustainability become more evident and stakeholders exert extra pressure for corporates to be responsible with their actions, the future is in adopting sustainable operations. Well, even policymakers have taken note and are basing their regulations, standards, and recommendations on pillars of sustainability. 

This post takes a closer look at corporate sustainability reporting to demonstrate why it is the future. 

ESG Sustainability Reporting: A Brief History 

Although the discipline of sustainability reporting is considered an emerging one, it has been around for about 30 years. In 1992, when the UN held the first-ever conference on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it was agreed that the only way to protect the environment while promoting environmental protection was through sustainable operations. However, it was the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) of 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa that called for sustainability reporting. 

ESG sustainability reporting is the disclosure of a company’s significant governance, social, and environmental impacts. Here, we must indicate that sustainability reporting is not simply about creating a report for presentation to readers. Rather, it is an ongoing process that targets to promote the improvements of every aspect of a business while reinforcing the pillars that support a better planet. Sustainability reporting is a soft blueprint running to the core of business operations for a better future. 

As a tool for promoting equity for both the current and future generations, governments, policymakers, the society, and investors are in agreement that sustainability is the future. Here are other indicators that sustainability reporting is the way to go for everyone, especially the corporates. 

The Benefits of ESG Go Beyond Your Company 

When a company adopts sustainability reporting, it becomes boundless with potential for growth opening new doors. Because more stakeholders, from clients to investors, are demanding to see the efforts on sustainability, brands that are committed to ‘doing good’ can expect to prosper. In addition to cutting costs, building better relationships with stakeholders, increasing profits, the benefits of sustainability reporting that go beyond your company include: 

  • Cutting down on emissions helps to address the problem of global warming.
  • Reducing water use is a great way to ensure more families and vulnerable populations can access it. 
  • Supporting environmental conservation, such as cutting down on emissions and encouraging habitat restoration, can come in handy to help address the challenge of the loss of species diversity. 
  • There will be greater cohesion between communities and fewer conflicts when you support the development of strong justice systems, be it locally or in other counties.  

International Organizations are Coming Together for Sustainability 

The benefits that come from ESG sustainability reporting have made more international organizations appreciate their commitment to promoting sustainability and making the world a better place. In 2020, sustainability reporting organizations, including SASB, IIRC, CDSB GRI, and CDP, released a statement of intent to work together by deepening collaboration. They indicated that the world is being reborn, and the new standards, including sustainability reporting, are helping to redefine the future. 

The sustainability reporting organizations particularly insisted on the importance of technology in promoting better communication between internal and external plans as a way of driving competitive advantage in business. So, as you think of how to implement sustainability reporting, consider working with an appropriate program and reporting framework for consistency, clarity, and quality. Reach out to Diginex Solutions to see how their award-winning sustainability reporting software can help. 

The concept of sustainability reporting is gaining moment fast because of the benefits that are associated with it. When implemented well, managers do not simply look at sustainability as a cost but as an enabler that goes beyond their organizations. Remember to focus on accuracy, transparency, and flexibility to get more from sustainability reporting. The future of your organization is in the ability to adopt sustainability.