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Everything You Need to Know About Subscription Management Software

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The subscription management software is also called subscription billing software, and its main feature is payment automation. When it comes to managing your payment plans for business, this software can be a great help. When you utilise subscription management software, it helps store the payment data and handles your recurring revenue, such as subscriptions.

As you know, the subscription business market has been increasing rapidly since the previous decade. According to an article, subscription e-commerce had grown 100 per cent each year from 2011 to 2016. Also, since many have adopted the remote work culture now, its popularity continues to rise more than in the previous decades. There’s no doubt that the subscription management software will gain popularity in the coming years with businesses marketing their goods and services to adults and children. Since one of its features is adjusting the product catalogue in real-time, it can aid your business in introducing new pricing plans and products.

So, let’s look at the subscription management software, starting from the trends to selecting the right one.

Recent Trends in Subscription Management Software Market

The recent trends for the software include integrating with payment gateways, storing credit card data in the mobile app and merchant’s system, and so forth. So, let’s look at the trends closely:

  1. Mobile application: it will have an understandable user interface and an elegant design.
  1. Integrating with payment gateways: You can combine the software with your PayPal gateway.
  1. Stripe’s application programming interface: Stripe’s application programming interface makes your billing processes simple and easy to use.
  1. Ability to store credit cards in the merchant’s system: With the help of the merchant’s system, you can recharge or refund the customer’s card without entering the customer’s information again.

Features of the Subscription Management Software

With many features to note down, let’s look through some of them:

  1. Recurring revenue: With this platform, you can track all your revenue or payment reports in real-time.
  2. Discount and promotion management: Most subscription management software enables you to provide special promotions like coupons and discounts on products. You can even keep track of all your redeemed discounts with this software.
  1. Dunning management: With the help of this platform, you can automatically charge your customer’s card if it is declined.
  1. Third-party integration: You can easily integrate this software with any third-party application.
  1. Email automation: This platform easily helps in configuring automatic emails for your customers, which are customised and transactional.

Key Performance Indicators of Subscription Management Software

There are three Key Performance Indicators in your subscription management software.

  1. Ability to set prices: The merchant can set the prices depending on the value of services or products.
  1. Billing cycle: It helps in increasing your customer retention.
  1. Subscription models: A few subscription models in the billing cycle ensure that all the analytics and metrics are addressed smoothly.

Benefits of Utilising Subscription Management Software

Take a look at the following benefits of subscription management software.

  1. Time-saving: You can save a lot of time on this platform when selling your products or services while boosting your revenue, which will help create a great business model.
  1. Lower cost: As the billing process is less expensive, you can effortlessly reach markets to gain customers.
  1. Information access: With the help of a dashboard in the software, you will be able to access information regarding the customers’ demographics and personal contact, which will help promote your products and services.

How to Select the Right Subscription Management Software

With all the benefits and features of the subscription management software explained, let’s get to know what makes the software the best.

  1. Availability of references: Some other businesses, who utilise the software, have given good reviews. You can shortlist these options and purchase the one that will make managing your payment plans for business easy.
  1. Tailored to fit business process management: The perfect software will be able to modify and fit according to your demands.
  1. Flexibility: You should be able to change your pricing plans with the help of the software, depending on your needs.
  1. Meets your objectives: The right software will provide solutions according to your needs and help meet your business goals.