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Essential Things to Do After Sustaining a Workplace Injury

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Workplace accidents in Colorado are surprisingly common. According to the state’s Department of Public Health and Environment, an average of 112 work-related fatalities happen annually. That’s about one incident every four days. Around 28,243 workers claim insurance for non-fatal workplace injuries and illness every year, too.

Injuries may occur mostly in high-risk jobs like construction, but they also happen in offices. Overexertion from repetitive motions like typing can cause problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and more. Plus, sitting all day can lead to soreness and back pain. Workplace injuries, no matter how small they may seem, should be covered by your employer. Here are steps you should take after sustaining one.

Steps to take when an injury happens at work - The Business Journals

Get Help ASAP

Even if your injury isn’t as serious, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. This is because working through the pain or discomfort may cause your injury to get worse. Ask for an official medical report from them, so you can present it to your employer and the insurance company.

Get Your Facts Straight

Once you’re cleared by the hospital, try to recollect what happened to you. Note down the date and time it happened. Indicate what you think caused your injury. If possible, interview the people who witnessed your injury and get their take on what caused your accident. This will give you useful information for the next step.

Create a Report

You need to make your employer aware of your injury and how it happened through an accident report. Request a form and fill out the necessary fields. Consult your notes about what time and date it happened and what could’ve possibly caused it. This will be forwarded by your employers to the insurance company. You should file a report and submit the relevant documents immediately, as state law requires you and your employer to notify your insurance firm within 10 days of the injury occurring.

Issue a Claim

Work with a leading personal injury attorney to file a worker’s compensation claim. Remember, however, that you can only file a claim if you are a proven employee of the company. This doesn’t apply to contractors. Injuries that occur while commuting to your office or during horseplay won’t be covered.

It’s also on you to prove that the injury happened while you’re at work. As such, it’s important to tell every detail of the incident to your lawyer. If possible, share your preliminary notes with them. They’ll take care of the rest. And if your claim gets wrongfully denied, ask your attorney if you can take the insurance company to court to make sure you get properly compensated.

Workplace injuries are more than just slips and falls. They also develop in low-risk environments like offices. Plus, some of them develop over the course of months or even years. Whether you’re experiencing excruciating pain from a fracture or annoying discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s your right to get compensated properly for your injuries. Follow the proper procedures and work with an expert lawyer to ensure your claim goes in your favor.