June 20, 2024


A legal job has many things to offer if someone does it properly. Now, while you get to learn a lot, you also have to remember that this job has many special requirements. You can choose to be a court reporterif you like a job that includes knowledge and thrill together. In this article we will discuss the different things that one must know about becoming or opting for being a court reporter:

Different Qualifications Required:

There is a different examination held for being selected as a court reporter that is conducted by the State Licensure examination board. Now you have to pass the exam along with an interview with the panel of different reporters that have worked in court. Now, these people are either a part of the NVRA,i.e., National Verbatim Reporters Association or the NCRA,i.e., National Court Reporters Association. They both have different timings that you must cross to pass the exam successfully. You will also be asked to write various transcripts or pass through other writing tests to finally be assigned as a reporter inside the courter room.

Duties of a Court Reporter: There are various duties that a court reporter has to perform,and we will list down some of the most important ones:

  • Transcription or Reports: A court reporter will have to prepare reports on the different sessions that are held inside the courtroom either by writing brief reports or by preparing exact transcripts. A good reach of English and grammar is a must along with writing speed.
  • Knowledge: There are jargons in every profession that one must always remember before joining in. So, while a reporter is reporting inside the courtroom, he/she must know certain terms that are to be put while transcribing the report afterward. They must know the case they are reporting or else it might seem blank.
  • Fast and Effective: Since the court proceedings happen for really short times and on different days, the reporter must be quick with their writing and understanding skills too to keep up. They must know how to handle pressure if necessary.
  • Freelancing: This is a choice that some reporters opt for to have a comfortable lifestyle and also for choosing their style of work and schedule. Although you still have to follow the same rules.

No matter what you opt for a set of certain rules are to be followed by everyone no matter what goes on. This makes the list of duties or services provided by a reporter inside the courtroom.