October 5, 2023

In our normal lives we usually have a routine that we follow each and every day. These things are what defines us. For instance, you know that when you wake up, you hit the shower, maybe grab some breakfast then head out to work.

But what if you left the house for work but your colleagues didn’t see you at work? It raises some suspicions and maybe later they receive a call that you were involved in some accident and you are currently in the hospital.

This shows that accidents are things that just occur, they are not planned for hence they always ruin our plans and interfere with our daily routine. Anyway, when they occur, people usually get injured and this is where the law might come in.

Whether the accident is caused intentionally or unintentionally, you can decide to bring the injury law suit and in this, lawyers will be involved. Question is, how will you pick one if you don’t have any? Below are some tips that might be able to help you in your quest of finding a good personal injury attorney.

  • Go for one that exclusively does personal injury law

This part of law can be complicated as it does involve many different practices and specialized rules.

Well, many lawyers who handle cases like wills, divorce or bankruptcies can be involved in almost everything but that doesn’t mean they know everything.

It is important to choose an attorney that specializes in this kind of case exclusively. You will be risking your representation quality if you decide to pick just any lawyer.

  • Check the attorney’s history

You might be surprised to find that most of these attorneys who claim to be good at handling personal injury have never even set foot to a court.

Most of the time they will try and persuade you to settle for just a pittance. Most of the insurance companies can sometimes become very aggressive and will often take advantage of the attorneys who seems afraid to go to court.

This is why you need to go for a lawyer who has a record of taking his cases to trial if need be. Otherwise you might even hurt the most.

  • Consider a lawyer with a good record of high settlements and verdicts

It is important to choose a lawyer that you have confidence in, especially if your case involves serious injuries.

You need to make sure that your attorney is capable of delivering a large settlement or verdict. You can ask how many of such cases has he delivered before or maybe if he is one of the million dollar advocates.

Attorneys from this organization has a good reputation are popularly known to have settled cases worth millions of dollars. Well, you may not be having a million dollar case but if you have such a lawyer, then you are in safe hands.

  • Members of state and national trial lawyer groups

This can be a good idea if you ever find yourself in such situation. You shouldn’t go for an attorney who is just a member of state and national trial lawyer group but one who is also active.

A good personal injury attorney will always try and collaborate with others so as to learn from other experts.

This way, you can always keep yourself updated on the new trends of how you can handle cases since most insurers are also developing new tricks each day to make people’s lives difficult.

  • Resources

Please find a lawyer that has enough resources to handle your case with the seriousness it deserves. Find a successful attorney with a good and a well maintained office and has everything put in place and dedicated towards your case.

Personal injury cases can sometimes be expensive to build this is because many experts will need to be involved or hired when preparing the case.

A well prepared case might cost as much as $100,000 or even more. This is why you should consider hiring a lawyer with sufficient resources.


Finding a good lawyer is like an investment. At the end of it all you can make a profit if you win the case or you can go at a loss if you lose.

Many people often fear investing in a good attorney just because they think they will charge more. Well, it usually depends but you should focus on what the outcome will be.

Some of these lawyer won’t even ask you for anything until the case is over. If they win of course they will have to take a small percentage of your compensation as a fee for their charges. But if they lose then it was just another bad day at the office, no payment.

Stay safe but if you ever get in to such situation, don’t hesitate, go ahead and find yourself a good personal injury lawyer.