March 4, 2024

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As technology in the world increases and replaces itself, one thing that has remained constant is a crime. Every advancement has brought along with it the crime scene. For instance, credit cards were a huge advancement because they replaced tangible money, but this gave rise to hackers and con-men who stole from people without their knowledge. These advancements also make the criminal industry, one of the most reliable industry; crimes never stop. Therefore, there is always a need for a lawyer. Whether it is something as minuscule as a parking ticket or something as significant as a murder accusation, people need a lawyer. Everyone knows this, that is why you will find a law firm at every corner of some major cities. Thus, we will guide you on what firm you should hire from when you are in need of an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney.

There are many criminal defence charges that an Orlando criminal defense attorney will fight for you on. Since there are so many different types of charges and their exceptions, we have compiled a list of the most frequent ones and provided you with a glimpse into what they consist of. This overview of frequent charges can be divided into four general categories and can be broken down further.

  •         Drugs and Driving Violations
  •         Assault and Manslaughter
  •         Juvenile Delinquency
  •         Financial Offences

Ø  Drugs and Driving Violations

This category includes abuse of drugs. Whether it is recreational and illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription medication, a criminal defense attorney will fight for both causes. In addition, driving violations include something as minuscule as a parking or speeding ticket to as significant as a DUI violation (Driving Under the Influence).

Ø  Assault and Manslaughter

This category includes all types of assault and violence. Charges such as sexual assault, domestic violence, hit and runs, homicide, torture, sex trafficking, etc. all fall under this practice area. These are some of the trickiest lawsuits to win and often need strong evidence to tip the balance towards either side. Juvenile Delinquency overlaps with many of the charges under these classifications. The thing that separates the charges and punishments for delinquent acts is the fact that it is committed by a minor. Children under the age of 18 are considered minors in the eyes of the law. A huge chunk of delinquent acts consists of alcohol consumption and illegal possession of drugs or armed weapons.

Ø  Financial Offences

This category includes everything related to monetary transactions and corporate ventures. Charges such as stolen credit, accounting fraud, black money, bankruptcy, bonds, contract breaches, insurance, etc. are all part of financial offences. These are the most common charges where big companies and corporations are involved.

All in all, these are the majority of criminal charges that a criminal defense attorney should be experienced in. Most of these categories overlap each other and thus, require a lawyer to have a great deal of knowledge in a wide array of topics.