October 3, 2023

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Family is not made of houses we live in, it comprises of people we have in our lives and we struggle for. When people find difficult to live together due to trust issues or shaken faith, conflicts arises and then people start to look for the solutions. Sometimes situation is so grave that we do not want to face each other and hence look for some mediators to come into act and bring both parties on table.

Need of Mediators

There are various reasons that we nowadays need mediators to resolve family conflicts. Parental property leads to dispute among children in family or even between parents and child. Couples looking for divorce and want to be separate to put their relationships to an end. Child custody is the major concern when people look for separation as they want to see future of their child in safe hands. Care of grandparent at old age becomes an issue in family when they are earning less or in nuclear family are some other real concerns.

Role of Mediators

As word suggest, literally they narrows the gap, bringing both parties face to face and try to remove misunderstanding. Mediators are good listener, motivational speakers and brainstorming minds having high level of tolerance. They tend to be calm in the situation no matter how serious it is. They act as ladder for survival of relationships.

Attributes of Mediators

A mediator should have following features:-

  1. Calm and composed: – A cool mind works in better decision making and helps in sound judgment.
  2. Convincing Power: – A convincing approach to make both parties bring to a common solution and make them agree.
  3. Rational thinking: – An unbiased approach listening to both parties showing empathy and showing far effects of present situation and future far effect.
  4. Goal focused: – A goal oriented approach is the mindset that he should possess to resolve conflicts.

Importance of Family mediators:-

These play an important role in minimizing gap among family members, depicting the issue before both parties. They keep privacy as not interested to broadcast family issues and take out a central solution and speedy justice. They also guide regarding future of children in case of legal custody and suggest what is best for the both parties.

Choosing a Family mediator

After knowing importance of mediator, question arises which one to select, as there are many services geographically located across different parts of the world. Family mediator Salisbury is one of the services that provide good quality of mediation.

Following features makes this service countable:-

  1. Flexible timing: People get freedom to choose their timing date and place, weekend slots are also available.
  2. Proper attention: Case study is made and examples are given to present parties from past scenarios.
  3. Litigation avoided: Fee structure is less as compared to court trails and helps in both saving of time and money.

Overall, people should look for the best service they pay and should have faith on decisions taken at end so that they have peace in mind.