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Five People to See After a Motorcycle Accident

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The way you handle yourself after a motorcycle accident will set the tone for how you recover emotionally, physically, and financially, as well. The following are five people that you need to see immediately following a motorcycle accident and why.

People Involved in the Accident

The first people you need to see after you experience a motorcycle accident are the other people involved in the accident. You will need to get their insurance information. You will need to get their statements or their testimony commitments if they are witnesses who saw what happened in the accident. All of that information will be helpful in some of the upcoming steps we discuss.

A Police Officer

You should contact the authorities and have them investigate the matter. They should be a part of the investigation even if you don’t feel that much damage has been done, and you don’t feel that you’ll need to take your accident case very far. The police can write a report, and that report might be able to establish fault for you. That establishment of fault can help you to get the compensation that you might need later on. Take the extra time to wait for the police to arrive and talk to them about your accident. You will be glad that you took a little bit of extra time to do so.

A Medical Professional

You will also need to talk to a medical professional the moment you can get to a doctor’s office or hospital. Sometimes, adrenaline affects people’s ability to feel the effects of an accident. You need to see a medical practitioner, whether you feel pain or not. The medical provider can take X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, or whatever else you might need to diagnose and treat any injuries that might be prevalent. You should do this as quickly as possible so that you can get the full report about your injury.

An Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is another individual you should talk to after a motorcycle accident. You may need to file a claim to get your motorcycle fixed after someone hits it. The insurance company will take your information that pertains to the accident. You will then pay your deductible if you have one, and they will help you get your motorcycle fixed. You’ll take your motorcycle to a reputable body shop or repair shop, and the mechanics will try their best to get your vehicle back to the way it was before your accident. This is a step that you won’t want to skip if you get into a motorcycle accident.

A Personal Injury Attorney

Finally, you need to talk to a Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorney. This person will be the person who helps you to request and receive any funds that you deserve. You may be entitled to a large settlement if someone else caused your motorcycle accident, and it occurred because of that person’s neglect. The fault could lie with a car driver, another motorcycle driver, or the vehicle’s manufacturer. An attorney can help you to sort out the details. He or she will fight hard for you if your case looks promising. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation.

Contact a Reputable Attorney

Now you know who you need to see after a motorcycle accident. Don’t skip seeing any of the people we mentioned. You’ll be glad you took the time to take these steps as they will help you to recover from your motorcycle accident. Get in touch with a seasoned, reputable attorney and schedule a consultation to take about your case as soon as you can.