December 2, 2023

Times are hard and landing an employment opportunity takes effort and time. It is frustrating for employees to work so hard to find jobs only for the employer to take advantage of their naiveté and fire them aimlessly or fail to pay their dues. Many are the times when the employee is unable to fight back as he cannot match the wealth and might of his employer. In such instances, one needs to consider hiring an employment attorney. Here are five situations that qualified employment lawyers in Charlotte can assist you.

Filing your EEOC discrimination complaint

If you have been through any form of discrimination at your workplace, you are required by law to file an EEOC workplace discrimination complaint in not more than 180 days after the incident. The process may seem straightforward, but hiring a lawyer is not in vain. The employment lawyer will guide you on the kind of allegations you should include. Therefore, you will not have to worry whether it is filed correctly or not.Image result for Five Situations That Warrants an Employee to Hire an Employment Lawyer

Reviewing your employment contract

With the excitement that comes after landing a new job, it is possible for an employee to notice any discrepancies within the employment contract. What most people do not realize is that most employment-related issues would not exist if the employee paid close attention to the contract. It pays a lot to have a lawyer go through the contract as you will be guided appropriately on the measures to take in case some clauses are not clear.

Negotiating settlement with the employer

During a disagreement, both parties might be under tons of emotional stress such that communication between them is impossible. In such an instance, it becomes crucial to request an employment lawyers in North Carolina to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. The merit of doing this is that you are assured of fair settlement since the attorney is well versed with such cases. In the instance where you are leaving your workplace, you also need to hire an attorney to help you in negotiating for your severance.

Determining whether case is worth pursuing

You might be feeling that you did not deserve being fired, or you earned a bonus and so on. However, before proceeding to file a case, you need to pause and ask yourself, “is my claim worth pursuing?” it is not advisable to waste your money and time pursuing a losing battle. In case you are going through such a hurdle, consult an employment lawyer for legal advice. The attorney will review the case and let you know the best option to pursue.

Legal representation in court/ out of court settlement

The case might end up before a jury, or you may be required to undergo mediation or arbitration. You might be assuming that representing yourself will save you money, but you might as well lose it. While the case may seem easy, the law has lots of twists that can send you home empty handed. If you do not have any legal background, do not represent yourself; just seek legal assistance.