July 18, 2024

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Your Patent Team (YPT) is the leading and trusted company that helps large number of innovators to get ideal market exposure on a daily basis with the best IP protection. Their team is highly skilled and aware about the global patent laws and IP trends available in the industry. Their expert team helps the innovators in securing strongest & the Broadest IP Protection. Their wide range of expert teams includes experienced professionals from various domains, such as Pharmaceutical, Electrical, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Telecommunication etc. They follow a simple ideology in their work environment, which is of four steps, namely, Ideate, Validate, Protect, and Monetize; thus helping, hundreds of its clients to innovate & secure a world-wide protection.

The Services of Your Patent Team Includes:

  • Patent Filling in India.
  • Patent Registration in India.
  • PCT Filling and Advisory.
  • Multi-Country Fillings.
  • IP Commercialization.
  • IP Strategy Support.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Patentability Searches.
  • Patent Illustrations.
  • Other IP rights like Copyright, Industrial Design Registration and many more.

YPT, not only provides services like, Patent Filling and Prosecution in India but also PCT filings, and multi-country filings. It is one of those limited IP companies around the globe, which guides you to get maximum returns from your IP investment, rather than focusing on legalities. They let you focus only on the core business and innovations, helping you with their integrated legal team with commercialization.

The Following 5 Unique features of “Your Patent Team” demonstrate why YTP is a world class Patent Application Drafting company for your innovation.

  • High Patent Enforcement Probability

YTP has lot of industry/technology/legal expert teams, from which each individual holds expertise in patent laws and patent prosecution process. They are well-renowned in drafting patents with their very high enforcement rate.

  • Accuracy With Detailed Outputs

YTP has 225+ experts from various industries and technology that helps your innovations to get sure-shot patent grants using their industry knowledge and experience.

  • Guaranteed Quickest Grants

It will help its clients in securing best coverage patent with maximum grants and certificates.

  • Lowest Price For Greater Good

It minimizes the expenses and helps you get the best and maximum results.

  • Optimal Disclosure

YPT guides you even after you secure a patent to help you get optimum costs.

Advantages of choosing “Your Patent Team” that will prove them as a world-class IP company in the field of Patent Filling and Drafting.

  • Exposure to Patent offices, relevant Industry knowledge, and patent drafting skills creates most enforceable patents for securing broadest IP protection for your innovation.
  • Good-to-go Clients from 45+ countries with best global IP experiences for availing IP protection in India and Abroad.

Client records who are happily satisfied with best returns on their patent and innovations.