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Five ways you can protect yourself from Identity Theft

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Are you not one of the 2.7 million victims of a security breach? So much the better! But don’t let your guard down: identity theft can strike anyone, anytime. You need to be sure about the whole process and there only you can have the smartest options there.

Identity theft fraud occurs every three seconds. And identity fraud would have cost victims five million dollars in 2018, according to the Anti-Fraud Center. The options are there and you need to know in details now. From a  cheap private investigator.

Here are 10 minimum measures to protect yourself from identity theft:

Before throwing them away for recycling, shred tax returns, invoices, prescriptions, receipts, drug labels, newsletters, account statements, etc. Use a locked outdoor mailbox.

Never leave your wallet or purse unattended at work, in restaurants, in the supermarket cart or in the car (even if the doors are locked). Hide the keyboard when you poke at an ATM or point-of-sale terminal. Never let a server leave with your credit card.

Clear your cache and clear your browsing history on your computers, tablets, phones, internet cafe, every time you make money (or every week). Accept requests for computer and telephone updates straight away. Before reselling electronic gadgets, erase their contents. Never share personal information on a public Wi-Fi network. Change the default password on your home router.

Leave your rarely used social insurance cards, passports, birth certificates and credit or bank cards at home.

Are you leaving for a month?

  • Have your mail held by Post or have it picked up by a loved one. You move ? Make your address changes before packing, use the government guide.
  • Check all transactions on your bank and credit card statements each month. Contact your bank or credit card issuer if you haven’t received your statement a week later than the usual date.
  • Check each year for a free copy of your credit report obtained by mail or at the offices of Equifax (form available on the website) and TransUnion (a form is available on the website).
  • Never respond to unsolicited email or text from a financial institution, especially if you are asked to click a link.

If you have too many PINs, use a password management application. Do not use the same password everywhere. Avoid easy passwords: 12345 first name, last name of your children, of your animal, composer, author or favorite movie. Change your passwords every year. Keep a list of all your credit and bank accounts in a safe place. Educate your children and teenagers: their identity is stolen 35 times more often than adults. Now from PiPro Private Investigator Scarborough you can have the best work done. Owned by Usman Khan this is the best option for you.