December 2, 2023

Many victims of domestic violence only consult Toronto domestic assault lawyer when they are physically abused. However, these same people could be undergoing other domestic violence, but as a result of unawareness, such cases go unreported. What many people don’t understand is that domestic violence can be in many forms and not only physical assault. This is what Toronto domestic assault lawyer wants you to understand.

Domestic violence is a big social problem that affects many people in the world. This vice can either be perpetuated by either partner in any type of marriage-customary marriages, Christian marriages, same-sex relationships and even in relationships where sexual activity is not involved.

  • Forms of Domestic Violence.

Physical Violence.

These are common cases of domestic violence handled by Toronto domestic assault lawyer. It involves using physical force against someone. Examples include beating, shaking, hitting, restraining, assault with a weapon and forcing the use of alcohol or drug. Note that, the physical assault may not necessarily cause injury that needs medical attention.

Sexual Violence.

Also called sexual assault. It is a degradation of a person’s bodily integrity. It includes sexual harassment, coercing sexual contact, prostitution, and rape. It also includes handling someone in a sexually inhumane manner or any other type of sexual nature be it verbal, non-verbal or physical. Actions which compromise reproductive rights such as forcing abortion or preventing utilisation of contractive methods can also be termed as sexual violence.

Economic Abuse.

Toronto domestic assault lawyer warns that if you compel or attempt to make the victim depend financially on the abuser, you are committing an economic abuse. A good example is forbidding your partner from getting employment or even an education, taking control of all the resources and preventing your partner from accessing economic resources.

Psychological Abuse.

Involves threats to harm someone, isolation, and intimidation. An example is limiting the people your partner talks to, constant supervisions on your partner, and instilling fear through threatening. Such threats can be taking his/her life or damaging the property.

Emotional Abuse.

Demeaning someone’s dignity. That may include humiliating, criticism, calling of names and embarrassing your partner.

  • How to Know You Are Domestically Abused.

You may not directly recognise that you are abused. These types of domestic violence come in different colours and variations. The perpetrator may disguise them to gain control over you without knowing. These are some of the warning signs:-  

A partner who;

  • Physically threatens to hurt you.
  • Forces you to sexual acts you are not ready for.
  • Threatens to hurt your children or pets.
  • Monitors and controls what you do with your finances.
  • Doesn’t believe you can make any right decision.
  • Constantly makes you frightened.
  • Shames you.
  • Doesn’t approve other relationships with friends including families.
  • Always wants an account of time you spent alone or away from him/her.
  • Is jealous of other relationships.
  • Makes you have feelings that you are never right in anything.