April 15, 2024

Gay marriage is considered illegal in many countries. In the US, some states consider gay marriage to be legal and some states consider it to be unlawful or against the law.

Gay marriage controversy has become a key political issue in the western countries. About 24 countries where gay marriage is legalized are done by making laws which is to be followed countrywide. A few of the Countries where gay marriage is legal 2017 have been mentioned below:  

1. Netherlands

Netherlands is the first country to make such marriage legal in 2000. It became an example for other western countries.

2. Belgium

Belgium legalized same sex marriage in January 2003. Such couples can adopt children also. But this law was amended in 2004, stating that the same sex couples can marry only if one partner had stayed in Belgium for minimum 3 months. This means that the partners must live in Belgium for at least 3 months.

3. Canada

Gay couples and lesbians shared common law marriage rights since 1999, but in 2003 the gay marriage was legalized in 9 provinces out of 13 provinces. Hence, in 2005, same sex marriage was passed countrywide.

4. Spain

Equal legal marriage rights were given to all married couples in 2005, irrespective of their sexual orientation. There was great opposition but the Spanish government ruled out court proceedings against the countrywide law.

5. South Africa

Same sex marriage was legalized in the year 2006. The law also permitted that such marriages would not be accepted in religious and civic groups if their community agitated.

6. Norway

Since 1993, Norway permitted same sex civil unions but in 2008, Norway legalized gay marriages and lesbians and they can even adopt children or can opt for artificial insemination.

7. Sweden

Since 1995, civil unions were permitted for same sex marriage in Sweden. Gay marriages were legalized in 2009 by the Swedish parliament.

8. Argentina

In Latin America, Argentina was the first country to legalize gay marriages in 2010. There was a great disapproval from the Protestants and from the Catholic Churches throughout the country.

9. Iceland

Iceland legalized same sex marriages in the year 2010 and even allowed the couples to adopt children.

10. Portugal

Portugal legalized gay marriage but did not permit the couples to adopt children.

11. Denmark

Since 2010, the same sex couples were allowed to marry and adopt children but the law was legalized in 2012.

12. Brazil

In 2013, Brazil legalized gay marriage but the Brazilian Council was appealed to reconsider its decision.