October 3, 2023

Harris County, Texas is home to more than 4 million residents and is the third most populous county in the United States. When you’re looking for a bail bondsman, you’ll have more than a few people to choose from. How do you know whom to trust? What should you look for in a bail bondsman?

Harris County bail bonds are important. Bail is your freedom. It’s what stands between you and jail. When you’re arrested, you can’t take a risk on bail. You need a bondsman who won’t bankrupt you, and who isn’t just looking to make a few bucks. Here are 5 ways to make sure you find the best bail bondsman possible: 

  • Ask for a physical address. Don’t trust a bail bondsman who doesn’t provide you with a physical address. Make sure you can find them online before you pay them any money. 
  • Confirm the bondsman’s license online. Your state has a department of insurance. Go to the department of insurance website and search for the bondsman’s license. Usually, this is a fairly easy process and will tell you within minutes if they have an active, valid license to operate in the state. 
  • Ask around. Talk to your friends. Ask your family and friends to talk to their family and friends. If no one has heard of the bondsman or if most of the responses are negative, that should tell you what you need to know. 
  • Read the reviews. Search online. Without much effort, you will find reviews of the bondsman and his/her company. Don’t just look at the number of stars under the name, take the time to read about why people rated the company as they did. While you’re online, review the website. Do they provide prices? Do they include contact information? Do they use proper grammar? Are they members of any organizations or associations? Inform yourself as much as possible. 
  • Did they call you? If you or your loved ones receive a phone call from a bondsman soliciting services, be careful. This is usually a sign that the company is out for money and numbers. Or, in rare circumstances, this could mean they’re trying to scam you. 

When you’re dealing with Harris County bail bonds, you can’t trust every person who claims to be a bondsman. You need to take the time to find a bail bonds company you can trust. Your freedom is at risk. Don’t take your liberty for granted. Go online, read reviews, talk to your friends and loved ones, and do what you can to stay out of jail and keep as much money as possible in your pocket.