October 3, 2023

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In a short span of time, cellphones have changed the whole world. Just few years ago, you couldn’t have thought of getting so much functionality and ease by means of smartphones. Yes, cellphones give you new ways to get connected. But, with so many benefits it has some problems too. Mobile phone release microwave radiation while in function, a fact which can trigger brain cancer. This radiation is emitted by your device every time you talk, text, stream music or videos or even in standby. Thus, cellphone has the capability to cause immense harm.

Thousands of studies have revealed the adverse biological impact of cell phones which includes:

  • Stress proteins generation
  • Brain glucose metabolism disruption
  • Enhanced blood brain barrier allowance
  • Cell metabolism disruption
  • Single and double strand DNA break

Using your mobile phone half an hour every day can add the risk of brain tumor by forty percent. Some phones have high radiation emitting power while others have less. The lower the emitting rate of the phone, the lesser the radiations will be absorbed by your body. Phones such as iPhone have lower SAR levels in comparison to the other phones. No matter what degree but every phone emits radiation to some extent.

Thus, you do need mobile phone shield to block these life threatening radiations and live a healthier life. When you purchase cell phone radiation shield, it works as the perfect solution to lower down the impacts of radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can cause severe damage to your head and brain, leading to cancer. But with the help of shield for cell phone radiation, you can neutralize the impact of cell phone radiation.

All you need to do is attach the small chip near the antenna area of your phone and reach the strongest signal. It works as the most perfect and meaningful investment you make towards your life and security by eradicating all the adverse effects of radiation. The phone radiation shield work to nullify the impact of cellphones and all the other electronic devices. The shield avoids the radiation of the humans to conflict with the external radiation of the smartphone leading to the ultimate protection of human beings.

The shield deactivates the effects of EMP exposure when you stick it to your mobile phones. A large number of electrically sensitive people have reported a primary improvement in using the devices and have shown deteriorated symptoms afterwards. So, it is advisable that you purchase the mobile phone shield now. No matter how much you avoid using your cellphones, you do have to use it every time for talking, texting, videos and audios. Thus, it is advisable that you get cell phone shield and then you can use your phone as much as you want.

You can easily get the cell phone radiation shield online from the comfort of your home. Just place your order and get it delivered at your doorsteps.  Remember, it doesn’t impacts your battery or phone performance, but just adds security to your body from hazardous cell phone radiations.