June 19, 2024

If popular culture is to be believed, your wife is more likely to be the innocent victim of your cheating. We’re taught to believe adultery is a transgression largely perpetrated by men. But who are they doing it with? In reality, a wife is almost as often guilty of cheating on their partner as a husband, with over 50{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} admitting they’ve cheated at least once.

Gender Equality

The explanation for this comes down to opportunity. For many centuries, it was the husband who had more opportunities to sleep around, whilehis wife was at home out of the way. Today, as with their male counterparts, women that workare more likely to be guilty of cheating on their partners than stay-at-home wife. Their lives give them opportunity, as the modern-day reality of intense side-by-side business practicesfindsmany women as susceptible to temptation as their male colleagues.Image result for Why Might Your Wife Cheat?

Seven-Year Itch

The traditional reasons wives cheat are similar to reasons for male indiscretions. Early thirties is a prime age for cheating, which often coincides with about seven years of marriage. For women in this situation, rates of infidelity rise markedly. A combination of boredom in their own marriage, self-sufficiency, and attractiveness to other men exposes them to opportunities they didn’t have before. This is heightened amongst women who have a one-year-old child, a time when marital satisfaction is often sorely tested.

Happy Families

What else might lead a woman to cheat on her husband? Again, look to the obvious. Is she happy with you? You’re working all day long and getting home exhausted. Do you have time for her, or is she getting bored and frustrated with life? We all know about women’s high expectations, so if she’s feeling short-changed she may decide to shop elsewhere,only staying with you for the kids.

A Chequered History

There are other factors that raise a wife’s likelihood of cheating. Has she been married before? Second marriages are always at greater risk of being ended by adultery, as it’s clearly no longer ‘the one.’ There’s her parentage too. The children of unfaithful parents tend to be more likely to cheat themselves.

Do You Suspect Your Wife of Cheating on You?

When it comes to it, some women cheat and others don’t. Highly successful women with higher incomes are statistically more likely to cheat. But so are those with low self-esteem who need to raise their confidence and feel validated. After all, there’s nothing like an affair to raise your mood and add spice to your life.

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