April 15, 2024

Being injured is a trying and difficult experience. As you endeavor to put your life back together you will need help. The support of family and friends is important. So is worker’s compensation. This is an aid and assistance benefit you are entitled to by law.

If you are an injured worker and you are having trouble getting worker’s comp, you have legal options.

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You Earned It, Now Claim It

Worker’s compensation is not a government handout. Your years of work and the taxes that have resulted from them have been used to finance this program. Now that you have been injured it is only fair that you get the same benefits your tax dollars have made it possible for others to receive.

The law is clear, and you should understand exactly what you are entitled to. Here are a few of its stipulations:

-You are entitled to having 100{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} of all medical expenses covered. No deductible or co-insurance payment is required

-You get to choose 2 doctors for your treatment.

-You are entitled to a lump sum settlement if you suffer from partial loss of the use of a body part

-If your injury leaves you unable to do any kind of work or you lose two of the same body parts, you are entitled to benefits for life

There is a great deal more, but the point is that a system exists to help injured workers through the period of recovery and adjustment that comes after an accident.

Fighting For Your Rights

The denial of your application may be the result of bureaucratic bungling or misunderstanding. Frustration with the system is understandable, but it is not a solution.  To get the money and treatment you deserve you must work with a chicago workers comp lawyer.

One of the greatest assets that such an attorney brings to your case is their ability to speak the language of the state bureaucrats who run the system. It can be hard to understand all of the terms, conditions, and contingencies laid out in an application form. Something you put down may have been misinterpreted or not understood as it ought to have been. Your attorney can help clear the matter up quickly and get you the money and protections you’re entitled to.

Getting Justice

Most disputes with the states can be settled straightforwardly once the issues have been clarified and the misunderstanding cleared up. However, it may happen that your right to worker’s comp is directly challenged. In this case, you will need to file suit against the state. This will require a lawyer who specializes in the state law regarding the program and understands how to put together a legal strategy that will enable you to win your suit.

Such a suit may still not end up in court; you may be able to resolve matters without going to trial. But you want to ensure that the result is nevertheless in your favor. You are asking for nothing more than what you have earned and deserve.