March 4, 2024

If you are involved in a divorce by either filing against your spouse or your spouse filing on you, it is vital that you hire a divorce lawyer to take care of your side of the divorce. Yes, filing for divorce is considered to be common but it is at the same time a legal procedure that can be complicated. It is also important as the laws and statutes at play where you live are different no matter which part of the world you live in. Do not use the same lawyer that your spouse uses no matter whether the attorney is your family attorney and everything has already been agreed upon.


If you are a woman, it is so important that you hire your own attorney because most of the time a woman turns out to get the worse part of a settlement than the husband does. It might not seem that way at the time but especially with children, as the years pass, it gets harder and harder for a mother to take care of the children with often only monthly child support and a job that doesn’t pay much.

Dissolution of marriage

Divorces are legally referred to as “dissolution of marriage”’ in most courts and is the legal termination of a marriage by procedures that occur in a court with a judge. A divorce lawyer has a specialty in family law which covers divorces and legal matters involving dissolution of property and custody of children.

Every state or country has its own grounds for divorce. Typically the grounds are classified as fault or no-fault. In some areas there are grounds that are available to file upon but most areas in the United States have done away with fault divorces. Divorces in other countries have their own grounds.

Grounds for divorce

A fault divorce requires proving wrongdoing by one of the spouses, by procedures where evidence is presented to a judge.

A no-fault divorce is a divorce where neither party has to prove the other engaged in some wrong doing.