April 15, 2024

Whether you’re running a small law firm or a large organization with many partners, you’ll be fielding a huge amount of calls each day. Many of these will be from prospective clients seeking help, some will be existing clients looking for updates on their cases, and some will likely be lead information, so your law office tampa fl can reach out to people who haven’t found legal representation yet. These phone calls won’t always occur during normal business hours, either, so you’ll need staff who can answer at all times.

There’s a good chance that you don’t have enough people on hand to manage incoming calls constantly, or at the least, they’d be more useful freed up to do other things. This is why a dedicated contact center is important for any law office. These days, you don’t necessarily need to employ your own contact center agents at your own facility if it’s difficult or impractical. An outsourced contact center with the right tools can handle your law firm’s needs in the professional manner you expect, all while providing a great customer experience. Here are just a few ways a call center can help.

Handling Call Overflow

If you’re one of the high-demand New Orleans personal injury lawyers, there’s a good chance that you simply get too many calls to handle at once. Personal injuries are common and can have a variety of causes, from car accidents and fall accidents to negligence like medical malpractice. Accident victims with serious injuries or victims of negligence understandably want to pursue maximum compensation for their medical bills, lost income, property damage, and more during a personal injury case. To ensure that all callers are treated fairly and that you don’t miss out on representing great clients, you can’t just leave the phones ringing.

If you can’t guarantee that contact center agents will always be available to answer every call, then you’ll need to set up an interactive voice response (IVR) system to direct calls. These systems give callers a simple list of options to choose from to help with call routing and connect callers to the appropriate agents as soon as possible.

CRM Integrations

It’s important to point out that the effectiveness of your law firm call center depends largely upon what technology is incorporated. Digital transformation is imperative for any modern business, so if you’re still using legacy telephony services, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with modern clients and demands.

Modern customers in any industry are used to convenience and immediate responses from report staff, and they’ll expect no less from your law firm. Don’t count on them all to be happy with making a traditional voice call, either. These days, customers are used to the multichannel call center, which lets them, contact agents, through digital means like a text message, SMS, email, webchat, company apps, and more. An attorney who doesn’t allow these options will likely find themselves passed up for those who do.

Fortunately, a great client relationship management (CRM) system can take care of all this and seamlessly integrate with programs you’re already using. Take this MS Teams contact center, for example. These call center integrations with Microsoft Teams lets the team members in your contact center easily interact with the rest of your law office while also providing true omnichannel support to callers.

With omnichannel capabilities, you not only allow clients to contact your agents through their preferred communication method, but they can even switch between channels on the fly while staying in contact with the same agent. This is the ultimate in customer convenience, and it saves your employees time as well. Providing the best customer experiences that technology allows is a great factor that can set your law firm apart from the competition.