September 26, 2022

Drug arrests can occur after a search of a home or vehicle as well as after an investigation. No matter how the arrest happened, what the specific charges are, or what the person’s previous criminal history looks like, it’s important for them to start working with a criminal defense attorney torrance, ca as soon as possible. Before they hire the attorney, the accused should avoid the following.

Speaking With the Police

It is not a good idea to speak with the police without a criminal defense lawyer joplin mo present. Everyone who is arrested is told they have the right to an attorney during any questioning, but all too often, people waive this right. When they do, they are going to make the situation far worse. Even if the accused has not done anything wrong, they could inadvertently say something that sounds incriminating and can be used against them in court.

Allowing a Search

Police can search a vehicle or home if they have a warrant, probable cause, or an invitation. They will need to prove probable cause if they search a vehicle or attempt to get a warrant to search a home, but they don’t need to prove anything if they’re given permission to do a search. It is not a good idea to agree to a search, even if the accused doesn’t think there is anything in the vehicle or home that could be used against them. It’s always better to say no and, if they do the search anyway, have the police prove they had a reason to do it in court.

Talking to Anyone About the Case

On top of not speaking with the police, those who are accused of a crime should avoid speaking with anyone about their situation. Something they say to a friend or relative could get back to the police during questioning and, taken out of context, be incriminating. This includes information that’s written online. Police officers frequently check social media websites to get evidence against those accused of a crime and can take posts out of context and use them in court to prove guilt.

Trying to Handle it Alone

One of the biggest mistakes too many people make is trying to deal with the situation alone. On top of speaking to the police without representation, they may try to handle the trial without assistance or otherwise try to fight the charges. Without experience in court and with how the court system works, this is a losing situation. It’s always better to have an experienced attorney handle the case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with the possession of drugs, it’s important you take the right steps to protect yourself. Then, you’ll want to make sure you speak with one of the local Criminal defense attorneys right away. They’re going to do as much as possible to help you with the charges you’re facing so you can avoid a conviction or minimize the penalties you face if you’re convicted. Talk to an attorney today to learn more about what they can do for your situation.