February 25, 2024

In Nevada, a DUI conviction may have a lasting impact on the offender’s life. Everything from rental applications and employment to background checks and auto insurance can be negatively impacted by a DUI conviction on the offender’s driving record. Most likely, you don’t know whether or not the DUI will go to your criminal record and how long it will stay on your record.

Will the DUI appear in your criminal record?

Well, if you were arrested and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal drugs then, the DUI will appear in your record. Most people believe that if a DUI charge is dismissed in a court, it will not appear in the defendant’s criminal record. This isn’t the case because once you get arrested for DUI, the incidence will appear on your criminal record whether or not the charge was dismissed.

One’s criminal record is available to the public. Thus, an arrest can be detrimental especially in situations where background checks are necessary. Some of the situations include job application, admission to college, application for a professional license, or even renting an apartment.

How long will the DUI stay on your record?

This period varies depending on the state. In Nevada, some of the factors that determine the period that DUI will stay in your arrest or criminal record include;

  • Whether or not your charges were dismissed or reduced from DUI to reckless driving.
  • If convicted, were your crimes categorized as felony or misdemeanor?
  • Was this your first DUI? Was it a second one or subsequent crime occurring within the seven years following your initial crime?

For a first time misdemeanor DUI conviction, your criminal record is likely to reflect your arrest details and conviction for a minimum of seven years after your case is officially closed. Note that the DUI conviction will remain on your record unless you file a petition to have sealed.

Getting your DUI record expunged or sealed in Nevada

Sealing of criminal records is something that most people find very confusing and for a good reason. Most states offer the option, but technically speaking, Nevada State does not expunge criminal records. Note that expunging a criminal record involves having a conviction dismissed and completely cleared from your criminal record. It also involves erasing both digital and physical record of the conviction.

Though Nevada does not offer an option to expunge your criminal record entirely, there is a similar option that allows offenders to get their criminal records sealed. You should contact a Las Vegas DUI attorney to see what can be done to get your criminal record sealed.

If you were convicted of DUI in Nevada, you could petition to get your DUI record sealed once the statute of limitations associated with your crimes has passed. Basically, having your criminal record sealed serves a similar basic purpose as getting it expunged. That implies that the offense you were convicted for will not be visible whenever a potential employer or any other person interested in your history run your background check.