February 25, 2024

Introduction- Mediation is process in which couples mutually agree to meet the third person known as mediator, who is a part of the mediation center and an expert and discuss their issues and guide them to come to the conclusion. The whole process involves the child custody, spousal and child support and give emphasis on positive communication after even separation because any how couples are not living together but child is a link which will allow them to be in touch in long run. It is a better way instead of going court directly getting divorced.

Benefits of taking help from mediation centers- Contacting mediation center and taking help from them is the need to present time if you have make up your mind for separation and always required to contact best mediation center like Family Mediation Horsham will advices you best and guide you with their expertise.

  • Mutual agreement- Mediation centers make the couple separation easy and it is better than traditional process. Mediator first listen both the parties carefully and accordingly guide them and because it is based on mutual agreement hence couples need to respect each other’s decision and agree on same point. Mediator encourages couples to agree on the agreement which works well for the couple and over all makes this process easy and more supportive.
  • Division of liabilities and assets- In this mediators discuss all the facts including source of income, real assets, retirement, all debts like personal loans, other loans and credit cards as well all the liabilities of both the parties. Also they consider the tax implication and how to divide the liabilities and assets between the couple and it should be mutually decided.
  • Child custody- The main question arises if you have a child than who will take the custody of child whether it is a mother or a father. This would be completely based on mutual decision and who better takes care of the child will take the custody. It includes parenting, schedule meeting or vacation.
  • Spousal maintenance and child support- Couple come to an agreement where child and spousal support is mandatory and need to pay maintenance to the spouse on monthly basis or fixed amount for monetary support on which they are agree.
  • Communication- All the discussion should be confidential and informed both the parties and ending up with fair agreement is the main objective of mediation centers and that should be impartial.

Summary- Even then couple has separated but they should maintain the positive communication and should maintain a healthy relationship with the child because he is the one who suffers most in this whole process. Mediation centers also listen to the child and do counseling for the child so that he better understand the situation and strongly face it and come up with a strong individual and right opinions.   Separation is not an easy process for couples but mediator works on their relationship and guides them to make correct choice or decision for them for better life.