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How To Grow Your Business This Year

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2020 was a topsy-turvy year for just about everyone. Financial institutions and private equity firms were hit hard by the recession the global pandemic caused. The good news is that a new year is here, and it’s time to get back to normal where you can and adapt to the new normal in all other facets.

Even if last year was a down year for you, this can be the year that your small company makes the leap to the big leagues. With the right business growth strategy, your private equity firm can attract more investors for venture capital and establish itself as a strong brand in the private equity industry. Continue reading to get some tips to help private equity firms of all sizes grow in the new year.

Enhance your digital marketing strategy.

With all of North America’s economies hit hard by the pandemic, private equity brokers are finding it harder than in recent years to attract private equity investors. Brokers already have a smaller consumer base to work with because they provide a boutique financial service that caters to high-income and net-worth individuals. That means your marketing, especially advertising efforts, has to be that much more effective than businesses in most industries.

In today’s world, social media is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Even portfolio companies can benefit from using social media to connect a broader audience.

Blogging is another digital marketing technique that could help your PE firm. Writing articles that give readers greater insight into the private equity industry will increase the level of intrigue in the services you provide and attract new customers.

Outsourcing your marketing operations could be the best investment you make.

Even though technically anyone can post on social media or write a blog post, professional marketers are industry experts who know how to use SEO and targeted advertising to enhance your digital marketing. As a private equity broker, you know how important it is to let the experts handle the tough stuff, and you’d be wise to apply that principle to your marketing strategy.

Chief Outsiders is a private equity marketing agency with years of experience helping firms to raise venture capital and improve their public relations. Visit the Chief Outsiders website to see how they can help your private equity firm become a strong brand and a household name among private equity investors.

Diversify your assets.

Your company is no doubt already employing some top-level enterprise software programs for your business operations. But, did you know that technology can be a financial asset as well as an operational one? Buying an IPv4 address is something that can enhance your cyber network now and net your PE firm profits in the foreseeable future.

There is a limited, although extraordinarily numerous, amount of IPv4 addresses, and they’re all taken. IPv4 addresses are a type of internet protocol (IP) number that serves as the address for devices logging on to the internet.

Some companies and individuals are making the switch to IPv6, but the transfer process is difficult because of differences in the protocols. That means the market for IPv4’s is ripe with opportunity.

If you’re a strategic buyer, you could buy IPv4 address blocks and sit back and wait until the IPv4 requests start rolling in. If you buy an IPv4, you’ll have potential buyers on the secondary market in the foreseeable future.

Even though there are common tactics that industry experts use to gain a competitive advantage and grow their PE institutions, every company is unique. But as any good broker knows, you’re only ever one great deal away from the big time!