April 14, 2024

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When you say patent, it is the right given to the government to the applicant. Yes, and it means that he does not need to be the owner.  However, he might face another case for this though. When the patent is granted for a particular invention, such item cannot be laundered by anybody especially the patentee. It also means that he will only be the one to legally use his invention whether it is for business or for personal use.

If you are having doubts about your invention if it is really worth patenting, you might want to ask these questions to yourself:

Is your invention worth the cost of a patent application?

  • Applying for a patent is not cheap. In fact it will be really costly and at the same time, time-consuming as well. There will be a number of things you need to prepare and to ensure that you will get the best result, you might even need to hire a patent attorney. So, examine your invention if it will really be worth all the trouble as well as the cost. If you are still unsure about this, you can just file for the provisional patenting instead ass this will give you more time to market-testing your invention and if you will push through the non-provisional patenting.

Are you the one who actually invent the item?

  • By the rule, an invention can only be patented once. However, it is a must that only the real inventor will apply for the patent. Even if you happen to be the financer or one of the co-inventors, still the main inventor is only the one who will be considered by the patenting committee.

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