February 25, 2024

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A long essay is often the most dreaded assignment for students. It takes preparation, research, and hard work to write one that will receive a high grade. A lot of the hassle comes before you even write, such as finding a good topic. The whole process can be stressful. So, today you’re going to learn the steps to writing an effective essay, every time.

  • Prepare an outline

If you’ve ever tried to just start writing, you know that it doesn’t work. Though, some times we keep taking this approach without improving it. The best thing you can do for your essay is to make an outline. This way, when you begin writing, you know exactly how to stay on topic.

First, consider the topic you chose or were assigned. Brainstorm how you can map out the essay, such as:

  • Intro and thesis
  • Five main points in the body
  • Conclusion

Jot down some ideas and whatever comes to mind when you are preparing your outline. They will come in handy when you begin writing.

  • Write your thesis statement

Now that you have an outline, you can begin crafting a great thesis statement. It needs to interest the reader and catch their attention. Look at your main ideas that you brainstormed and think of how you would summarize them within a sentence or two. That will be your thesis.

Normally a thesis will begin with the topic and main point of the essay. For example, if your topic was on e-commerce and globalization, the thesis could be “E-commerce has positively effected both global business and societies.”

Remember that you will need to back up these claims with good resources, which we’ll touch upon in a moment.

  • Create the introduction

To keep the interest of the reader, avoid using vague or simple introductions. Include a surprising statistic, quote, or story to stand out. Ensure that it flows with the thesis statement. Continuing the e-commerce example, our introduction might be “By 2020, the global e-commerce sale will reach $4.5 trillion”.

This works with the thesis statement and creates the opportunity to elaborate on why this stat is important. You’ll also want to introduce the main points of the essay within the introduction briefly.

  • Write the body

Many students have issues writing the heart of an essay. This is why a legit essay writing site can be a good investment. It will save you time and energy, giving you an essay you can then edit and work off yourself.

Whether you do this or write it from scratch, here are some tips. Take each idea from the outline and elaborate on them, one by one. Try not to jump around as it can lower your focus. Stick to one point and hammer it out. Every point within the body should have a similar structure and tone to keep it consistent. Use quotes, stats, and real data to back up any claims.

  • Conclude and proofread

The conclusion should restate the thesis and main points of the essay. It doesn’t need to be overly long, so consider it as a summary of your overall writing. Before you submit it, proofread for errors and take the time to make small improvements. It’s wise to have other people read it as well, as they may spot mistakes you’ve missed.