December 11, 2023

The global team for global debt collection

Our client for more than 30 years is a world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. Many types of customers use their services globally. Flexible solutions help individuals, businesses and other types of organizations to manage their teams successfully. This became possible because of more than three thousand legal entities covering more than hundred countries worldwide.

Of course, a huge number of clients causes a portfolio of invoices generated monthly. Part of this portfolio is delayed in payments. So the team of international collectors looks like a solution. Like our client we have a wide network of partners and individual lawyers united in virtual teams to manage cases within the highest standard on individual level.

Generally we have advised the client on dispute resolution with its customers. When invoicing issues or issues regarding the contract arose, our team assisted the client in debt restructuring worldwide. We have developed a unique workflow of collections combining calls, emails, lawyers’ letters, in person meetings with debtors. Such workflow includes regular reporting. So we have managed to implement reporting standards according to clients needs and deadlines. Moreover, the workflow was specially developed into our collection system to manage claims globally from various teams. The role of Key Account manager was introduced. This helped much in coordination of operational issues and made the communication much easier.

All actions helped to manage a portfolio of thousands of cases on a daily basis wishing case level. So our client always knows what is the status and what has happened with the case at a certain time. A special set of collection indicators were individually created and reported to the creditor. Together with the client’s team we have managed to find the best solution to recover unpaid bills.

Of course, the number of cases and global debt collection portfolio caused some challenges. Our lawyers have also advised the client about the specifics of the legal and the enforcement process in each country from the portfolio. We provide an algorithm of how to interact with local representatives and debtors and how to manage the portfolio effectively. We provide settlement offers for the dispute between parties and help the client to save the relations with its clients. It was a very important aspect as we believe that our collection efforts should also continue in further cooperation between the parties.

Of course, the global character of the debts required to work within local teams or lawyers to assist our client. We believe that this task was successfully completed. Or the creditor received a “one window” approach for collection cases allocation and coordination. All other efforts were managed with lawyers inside our network.

Each month we receive a new batch of claims and projects. So, it is an ongoing process and we are happy to bring more cash each day to our valued clients.