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Investing In Your Future With A Full Liquor License and Bar

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Florida has diffe4Cop Liquor License In Florida rent types of those who want to sell liquor. The one that most bar and restaurant owners go for is the 4Cop License. That shows everyone that you are serious about your endeavor and know what you want out of life.

The application process can be lengthy when acquiring a 4Cop License(the Quota License). The reason most bar and restaurant owners opt for the Florida 4Cop License is it is an investment in their future.

The Florida 4Cop License: What You Need To Know About the Process

The reason you want the Florida 4Cop Liquor License is so you can sell a diverse selection of cocktails without legal implications. You want to be able to sell everything from rum and whiskey to wine and beer. Your patrons are going to come from diverse backgrounds. Some will want the top-shelf liquor while others will want a simple glass of Amstel Light. Patrons want to have a selection to look over.

There are two aspects to opening a bar and restaurant with a Flordia 4Cop Liquor License.

1) You need to get the paperwork in order before you even think about applying for a Florida 4Cop Liquor License.

2)You submit the information to the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. This organization serves two purposes. One, they make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly before they grant you a 4Cop Liquor License In Florida. Two, they make sure they have not surpassed their quota. Some businesses have been denied their application for this very reason.

What happens if your application for a 4Cop Liquor License In Florida is denied?

1) You could talk to someone willing to sell theirs. They could be willing to sell for an assortment of reasons, including financial issues.

2) You could acquire an SRX license. However, you will need to have sales of food that exceed more than half the total sales. Now, you could also be happy with a wine and beer license until the other thing goes through. You could at least keep your customers happy with that for the time being.

The price ranges between $100-300, depending on the county in Florida. There is financing available for those short on cash.