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Is It Legal To Play Euromillions Lottery From India?

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What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

The EuroMillions is a worldwide lottery. Created in 2004, its very first draw was made on 13th February the same year. At present, nine European countries are participating in it. 

In accordance with the source, the winners range from split jackpots to multiple winners. Single ticket holders from these countries have enjoyed success too. A total of 361 jackpots have been won in the history of EuroMillions lottery.  Winners achieved prizes worth between 17million Euros-210million Euros. 

Although European countries control it, international players are accepted since it is considered worldwide. These include Indian players. 

You will get all the information you need to get 7 numbers right and win a whopping 1510crore in this guide. 

Can I play EuroMillions legally from India?

The answer is YES. 

As the years passed, India was on the list of international countries from which players can get access to play online and win the EuroMillions lottery.

The following points will help on how to play the game online from India:

  • Firstly, you need to buy a ticket from an online trusted lottery website.
  • The game is made up of 5 numbers + 2 lucky star numbers.
  • Choose 5 numbers from 1-50- and 2-star numbers from 1-12. 
  • Decide how much you intend on playing. You can either choose one draw, several draws or subscription. 
  • For jackpot, 5 numbers and 2-star numbers need to match with the drawn numbers. 
  • Check your numbers carefully to see if you have won. 
  • Stick to the rules. No fraud will be permitted. 
  • Draw timings are on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 12:15am IST.
  • If you win by playing online, the winning amount is credited to your account immediately. 


Allowed in India? YES
Ticket cost Rs. 250 per ticket
Maximum Jackpot prize amount Rs. 1510 crore
Online websites Lottothrill,Lottoland, LottosPhoto


EuroMillions Jackpot Win

The minimum EuroMillionsjackpot amount guaranteed is Rs. 120crore. This makes it an interesting buck to play and win. 

The amount can get a lot bigger as it rolls over every time someone wins. The biggest EuroMillions Jackpot won till today was in 2012. The winning amount was 1510crore. It was won again in 2014 and 2017. 

How can Indians purchase EuroMillions tickets?

Once you have a stable internet connection, nothing can stop you from playing.

Any Indian interested in playing can visit a EuroMillions website to get tickets. Be careful about choosing the right website to buy tickets from. The best sites are:

These are trusted and safest to buy tickets and play online. They accept online Indian players. 


Is it safe to play online?


First decide which site you want to play. Then you need to see the authencityand proceed. 

The site shall send you a picture of your ticket to show proof that you purchased it. This is the work of a good website. 

It is quite easy to play as you follow the steps. May luck be with you. 

Happy Playing!