September 23, 2023

How up to date are you on your credit score?

For some consumers, their credit report is frightening to even think about.

No matter the reason or reasons their credit is so bad now, the question becomes what to do about it?

If your credit score is a mess, don’t you think it is time you acted?

How Your Credit Score Can Go South in a Hurry

Even with reasons your credit score could have gone south, there may be time to get things turned around.

For instance, were you the victim of identity theft? If so, did you not have protection in place? If a thief was successful in getting into your finances, they could have done damage to your score.

More have learned an identity theft protection provider monitoring their finances is good.

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So, whether you do an Identity Guard review or reviews of other companies, get protection.

Along with such protection, avoid making it easy for such criminals to strike in the first place.

One way thieves go about this is by trying to dupe you online.

Have you gotten emails asking you to download attachments at one time or another? If so, did you do such a thing?

Even one attachment can have malware on it. If you download the attachment, you could install a virus on your computer. When you do, an identity theft thief has access to pertinent personal info.

If you have children at home old enough to use the Internet, be sure to warn them about such threats too. Thieves will often target younger people. They do this figuring a child or even teen won’t know much about computer viruses in identity theft in general.

Last, don’t loan a credit card to a friend, outside family member or co-worker.

While you may think you are helping them out, you can’t be 100 percent sure they will be protective of the card. They could misplace it or leave it sitting where a thief could get their hands on your financial details.

Repairing Your Credit

In some cases, you may have steered clear of identity theft altogether.

That said you may in all honesty be bad with handling money in general. One area this can especially take place is your credit cards.

In the event you have run up one or more sizable balances, your credit score has taken a hit. As such, it can be tough to get more cards or even get a loan should you need one now or down the road.

While there are emergencies most go through, do your best to pay off your credit card balances. Doing so keeps your credit score healthy. It also gives you wiggle room if you do get into some emergencies and need immediate funds on your card or cards.

If your credit score is a mess, don’t you think it is time to fix this?

Not doing so can cause you financial angst for many years to come.