December 2, 2023

 A solicitor is your go-to person towards achieving your legal demands. Finding the right solicitor to cater your needs is like stepping on an active minefield in this corporate world. This post will guide you to find the best solicitor and see that your demands are met.

Following are some useful criteria that you should look for in a solicitor.

1) Good reputation

Any solicitor who has earned a good reputation in his/her field of work is more qualified to provide legal assistance to you. He assures personalized and professional assistance. He caters to your problems legally and offers emotionally detached legal intervention. He can guide you through drafting various court documents. He has extensively studied the Law and is continually updated in case of any necessary amendments. He can circumspect various issues and derive to a conclusion based on the available statistics.

2) Member of relevant accreditation scheme

An indispensable quality check on solicitors is to find out if they are accredited and certified to do their practice. This is very crucial because it helps you filter the best solicitors in the corporate world. There are a total of 14 quality marks with ‘children law’, ‘criminal litigation’, ‘family law’ being a few of them. A quick look over the internet will provide you a list of all the 14 accreditations. If a law firm is associated with any one of these legal accreditation marks, it means that the law firm has undergone meticulous training process by the law society to help provide high quality assistance to clients.

3) A legitimate solicitor

Always make sure that he/she is a legitimate solicitor i.e licensed practitioners of law. In the UK, all legal practitioners should have a valid practicing certificate before they can offer any legal assistance to a potential client. The certificates are issued by SRA, expanded as Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is a pertinent governing body in the United Kingdom. The SRA code ensures risk-free, result-oriented legal assistance to the clients.

If the above criteria are met by the solicitor, he is the best candidate to assist all your disputes.

Key points to remember before hiring a solicitor:

  1. a) Hire a local solicitor.

If you need criminal solicitors, then look for a local law firm. They have maximum exposure to the detective agencies and police stations in your area.  By hiring a local solicitor, you have the advantage of visiting them in person and discuss your next legal move.

  1. b) Always know your needs.

Different people require different solicitors to provide them assistance on different aspects. Whether it be Agricultural Law, Family Law, or Employment Law, knowing what kind of service you require will help you find the best solicitor to cater your needs.

  1. c) Ask relevant questions with your solicitor.

Asking the right questions will make a huge difference. Prepare a list of relevant questions you want to ask before approaching your solicitor. Questions like ‘how much exposure and experience do you have in this area of law?’, ‘how much do you charge for your services?’, ‘how long will the case take?’ etc. Remember to mention your problem in great detail.