April 15, 2024

Whether a former lover, a friend or neighbor, even a former co-worker, is someone from your past a concern now?

If so, what step or steps might you be able to take to deal with the situation?

For many in such a situation, it can be a little harrowing to know someone may cause them some form of harm.

With that in mind, don’t let yourself be in a position where your physical well-being is of great concern.

So, is someone from your past a present concern?

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Steps You Can Take to Deal with the Matter

If you have concern with someone, know that there are some steps you can take to work on removing a possible threat.

Among your options:

  1. Using the Internet – One of your better options is turning to the Internet. You might think about conducting an online public records search. That search can help you discover where the individual has been over time and might be now. It can also pass along info if they’ve had any criminal issues in the recent past. Although some may think you are overreacting, you know better than anyone how this makes you feel. As such, you want to be sure that you cover all your bases. When you look to find out information about people online, you may very well discover if you have a real concern.

  1. Get legal help – Be able to discern between a clear threat and where you may be thinking too much. So, someone from your past you had a romantic relationship with and parted company with turns up. He or she makes a move to get back in your good graces, but you tell them you are not interested. Despite your wishes, they continue to contact you via email or text. Next thing you know, they show up at your home or office. At that point, you have to think that they’re not going to take no for an answer. As such, you may very well need to reach out for legal help. While getting a restraining order is not always as easy as some might think, it may be the next step you need to take.
  2. Changing your life – Although you’d like to think you would never let one dictate to you, you might make changes. An example of this would be changing your phone number and your email too. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, consider locking your account so only friends and family can see. In a worst-case scenario, you may end up having to think about moving. Always do your best to stay in control of the situation. Remember, doing all kinds of changes can let the other person feel as if they are in control of your life.

Given how many people will come into your life over time, there may be someone from your past giving you a concern.

If that does in fact occur, how will you handle it?