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Know Your Rights When Your Employment Is Terminated

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Image result for Even on job termination, you have some rights as an employee of the organization

Even on job termination, you have some rights as an employee of the organization. It is crucial to understand these rights so as to take viable steps to protect yourself in every way possible and prevent losses due to such a circumstance.

It is thus imperative that you know what to do after you leave and what you are eligible for from the company.

Health Coverage

One of the most substantial expenses after losing a job is to keep up with health coverage. When an employer lets you go, you do not choose to let go of the health benefits, so the employer is bound by certain rules to let you continue the health insurance plan.

Having the right to health coverage helps you cut down on hospital costs or covers damages for long-term health problems if any. This law is under COBRA (1986) and is enjoyed by ex-employees of employers having 20 people or more working for him.

Calling an attorney

It is your right to call an attorney in case you find something fishy with your termination. It is also a right to report your employer for an unlawful practice, and thus, calling an attorney counts as a basic right in that regard as well.

If you think your rights are being violated or that they are at risk during a conversation, or if you feel threatened by your employer, it is crucial to call an experienced lawyer from firms like Wagoner Law Firm in time. They will help you be safe during such negotiations.

Legal scope

Not all terminations are legal, which is why it is essential to know if yours is legally protecting the employer. If it is an unlawful termination, you should call a lawyer right away. It is not valid to terminate an employee on several terms and conditions deemed unlawful.

Termination based on discrimination is not acceptable by law, and so is the termination based on a complaint of unlawful activity. One cannot also violate public policy while terminating an employee, so that has to be kept in mind as well.

Unemployment compensation

As an employee, it is underlined that you are entitled to unemployment compensation, which allows for the benefits of employment for a specific period of time, even after the termination.

The ex-employee may be eligible for pay and benefits for 26 weeks, even though the pay is less than the regular pay. If qualified, the employee may receive additional benefits for up to 20 weeks.

Final paycheck

Each employee holds the right to get a final paycheck to be paid for all the activities done till the date of termination. He/she is eligible for payment for all the work done, and whatever is left on the employer’s end has to be paid off.

Different states have different rules as to the time cap by when the final paycheck has to be issued in accordance with the contractual agreement, subjective situations, and the notice period.