December 2, 2023

There are several instances when you might need to keep a gun in your car, from moving to everyday driving. But does that mean it’s legal to do so? The answer is based on a number of variables, including your residence and your destination.

Driving Safely While Carrying a Firearm

So, can i carry a handgun in my car? Yes, you can, but It’s crucial to keep your gun safe but accessible if you plan to travel with one. To succeed in this challenge is challenging! Fortunately, there are various ways to drive securely while carrying a gun and keeping it handy at all times. We advise:

  • Avoiding using the glove box

Guns should not be stored in glove compartments, though! Even if a glove box or console has locks, it doesn’t take much force to pry them open. Investing in stronger security is preferable if you want to be safe.

  • Purchasing safe, temporary storage

Some lockable gun cases or boxes are made expressly for use in vehicles. You can choose the ideal model to suit your needs because there are several to pick from and they range in price. However, can these locked containers still allow you quick access to your gun in an emergency? They do, indeed! The majority of lockable cases are made to be quickly accessed while guarding against illegal entry. The best of both worlds is present. Holsters for cars are another alternative, and they can be great.

  • Not promoting it

It’s wise to resist the urge to put a great bumper sticker about owning or enjoying firearms on your automobile. You don’t want to give potential robbers the impression that they could profit. Additionally, only carry a pistol in the car if required. Take it outside once you get home to reduce theft. A potential burglar won’t be deterred by a few locks alone, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

  • Becoming an expert in gun safety

Take note of the muzzle orientation before bringing a handgun inside your car. Unload your gun before putting it back in your car if you’re traveling with it for hunting purposes or if you’ve just used it on the range. Be cautious, and before you leave, don’t be afraid to check again to make sure it’s secured and emptied. Maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings when inside a car and make sure that neither youngsters nor dogs have access to your firearm. If your gun goes off, things might go south very quickly.

  • Arizona Handgun Safety’s request

Comprehensive programs on concealed carry licenses, weapons safety instruction, shotgun and rifle courses, and other topics are offered by Arizona Handgun Safety. brandon white attorney strongly advises educating yourself and taking refresher courses whether you are a novice or seasoned gun owner. There is no such thing as too much gun safety education.