June 19, 2024

Legal document translation procedures are rarely spelled out for clients. We discuss the importance and eligibility and how to handle quoting, but we never consider the system. We will explain the process of a legal document translation in this article so that you can make your specifications accordingly.

The Problem:

The problem that many of our translators face is that the clients seem oblivious to the significance of translation specifications. The translators wonder if the clients need to know more about the way legal translations are done so that they will be motivated to provide proper information.

Following are the main steps that we take in conducting the translation that will be of significance to the client for understanding.


The first step in every translation is the review of the provided specifications. Our team gets together and reviews the type of translation; the references required in the translation and the time provided to conduct the translation. The group also pays particular attention to the intention that the client has for the translation. It is strongly advised that you talk about the target office, the purpose and the expectations that you have from the translation in great detail.

Translation Process:

We undergo the translation process, but we will not talk about the process. Legal translations are exceptionally unique and unless you are getting a certificate translated; every translation process is different. If the content has a specific genre, then the reference books and thesaurus will be used as well.

Note to the Client:

As promised, this post is to make you understand how to get the best translation out of us. If you have a translation for the document that is similar to our assignment; please share the sample with us. If you have any book or literature that can help us in the translation, then share that with us as well. The more help material we have, better translations we will be able to provide.

Sample Product:

Let’s suppose you do not have any translation that is similar to the one that you are asking us to make, but you have content that is exactly like the one that you want us to translate; please share that content with us. The more we know about how you want the translation to look; the better we can translate.

Moral of the Story:

When you are using us to do complex legal translations that come with serious ramifications; spend some time on the proposal and make a visible picture of what you want. Make a focal point that you reiterate throughout your specifications. Universal Translation Services is here, call now!