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  LexisNexis Can Protect Your Business From Legal Trouble

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Legal Trouble

A former employee is taking Snapchat, the messenger app, to court in California. Anthony Pompliano, the ex-employee, is accusing the social media app of “misleading investors and trading partners to drive up its initial public offer” according to Venture Beat.

The Hollywood Reporter also reported on the story and stated that Pompliano, also a former Facebook Inc. employee, is alleging he was fired for being a whistleblower. However Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, has rejected the allegations. A spokeswoman for the company told Reuters via an email that they’ve “reviewed the complaint. It has no merit. It is totally made up by a disgruntled former employee”.

Pompliano, who was only with the company for 3 weeks, led Snapchat’s growth team. When he learned about the misrepresentations, he urged executives to fix it. He also claims he was pressured to breach Facebook’s confidential and proprietary information.

The complainant’s counsel stated in court documents “Snapchat fraudulently induced Pompliano away from Facebook to run Snapchat’s new user growth and engagement team by falsely representing to him, among other things, the company’s growth”. According to Venture Beat, Snapchat filed for an IPO in November 2016 and is “one step closer to the biggest U.S. stock market debut since 2014”.

How to Protect Your Business

No business or corporation expects to be sued, especially not from one of their former employees. However, there are steps that businesses can take to help ensure that they’re actions don’t cross any legal lines. But not all businesses can afford to have a left legal team either. Using an online legal research program like LexisNexis can help.

LexisNexis provides corporations, law firms, and government organizations with comprehensive legal resources and research. Its content covers a wide variety of content across all practice areas, so businesses that use it can be sure to find relevant information to prevent legal trouble down the line.

The company’s LexisNexis Quickaw Full Service program also provides access to leading commentary, insight, tools, and primary content, so businesses can also conduct their own legal research when needed – or to use as research to prevent legal situations from arising.  The program provides full text court decisions, legal analysis, law journals, and the latest news and developments. It’s really like having access to a full legal team with one easy to use program.

If your business does run into legal problems in that you need to bring a legal case forward against someone else, the LexisNexis legal research program has a Case Citator that can quickly help validate the authority of your case. Plus, there’s a legal terminology features that helps users understand legal words and phrases.

There are also international additions that cover laws in countries like Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, so businesses and corporations that have offices in multiple locations have the legal research access they need to protect their interests.

Storysource:Venture Beat

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