June 23, 2024

Are women considered better parents? The recent studies reveal that men can also master the art of parenting. Still the courts acknowledge that the best interests of the children will be protected if they stay with their mother.

It was a common assumption that children should stay with their mom after divorce between parents. However, the conception is no longer upheld in most of the states. Some states have already passed laws making it clear that custody preference must not be based on gender.

Despite this 180 degree change, mothers still enjoy preference over custody issue following a divorce. There are no uniform state laws in regards to determining custody arrangement. However, a general standard is honoured in every state and it always considers the best interests of the child.

If the couples can set aside their bitterness for the child’s sake, they will acknowledge that the child’s best interests should be a priority. If you are seeking for your child’s custody after a divorce from your wife, you should be aware of the important factors that will convince the juries of your parenting skills. Whether it is sole custody, joint custody or whatever works best for your child, you should have a clear hang of all the possible factors that the judges will consider before giving verdict on custody issue.

Primary Caregiver

Primary caregiver is a term used by some states in the USA. Other states usually refer to the parent who will be able to fulfil the parental responsibilities or take care of the child.

Irrespective of the term used, the concept remains the same. It is a crucial factor that tries to figure out which parent can meet most of the child’s daily needs (for example, bathing, feeding, waking, playing, arranging doctor appointments, making child care arrangement and the likes). In nuclear families, the parents usually share these tasks between them. Even though more women now do nine hours’ job, they are expected to play the role of a caregiver much better than men do.

If you were not much involved in doing all these, start taking more responsibilities from now on. You have to handle all these if you get your child’s custody or at least, when he/she will be staying with you. The court will inspect your involvement in daily childcare activities while deciding the custody issue.

Parent Child Bonding

The young children share a closer bonding with their mom. This is because, the mothers usually spend a significant amount of time with their children. They breastfeed their babies and adopt other parenting responsibilities. That is why, children usually look to their mothers for their daily needs as well as emotional support.

If you spend a lot of quality time with your child from its infancy to toddling stage, it will help to develop a closer bond between you two. Such bonding is important, especially when you are seeking for your child’s custody.

Seek Legal Guidance

As a father, who wants to keep his child with him after divorce, you must seek legal help from a renowned attorney. An Arizona child custody attorney will clearly explain all the important factors for child’s custody. The lawyer will try to make a strong case in your favour for parental custody. They will also guide you during negotiations with your spouse for custody arrangement.