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Mis Sold Investments Claims – Have You Been Affected By This Problem?

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Mis sold investments claims are an emerging trend in the United Kingdom. There have been a huge number of affected individuals who have been affected by mis sold investments of various types, from mis sold ISAs to mis sold SIPPs to mis sold overseas investments and property investments.

The investments market in Britain is a market worth billions per annum and these investments are growing each year with more and more Brits investing ever greater amounts into schemes which promise to grow their capital.

Commonly Mis Sold Investments Include:

Mis Sold Agricultural Investments – many of these have been packaged up into mis sold SIPPs and other pension investments, many of which have been mis sold as agricultural options, which have given investors little or no returns on their investment.

Mis Sold ISAs – Mis Sold ISA claims have emerged as a new service in the claims management sector, with people investing heavily and seeing returns which were much different than what was originally promised to them by the investment brokers.

Mis Sold Overseas Investments – Usually this tends to be either land, property or energy production (such as AGRO energy) which was related to biofuels and green energy production.

Mis Sold Self Invested Personal Pensions – Mis Sold SIPPs are a very popular way (for investment peddlers) to persuade individuals to part with their hard earned pension money to place it in a scheme which promises them (often unrealistic) returns per annum, find out more about mis sold SIPP claims and how you can win redress for any mis sale at that page..

All of the above are popular opportunities for people with spare capital, however some of the financial losses suffered by these individuals is huge.

The UK Governments’ Own Solution To Financial Mis Selling

The UK has its own scheme which aims to protect investors from losses due to financial mis sale of services and products (investments), this scheme is known as the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS), which offers protection to a maximum of £86,000 which is almost like a free insurance policy for losses up to that amount.

Many people who have suffered with mis sold investments have been able to win compensation with the FSCS without having to litigate against the company in question (who carried out the mis selling to begin with).

Not Only The FSCS

The FSCS isn’t the only way to get compensation for mis sold investments, it may also be possible to litigate against the company which mis sold the investment product.

Through litigation it can be possible to get much the same result as if the FSCS paid the compensation to the victim, however it takes more work than to be compensated from the FSCS due to legal defense etc.

To find out more about investments’ mis selling and other similar issues or to get free legal advice on this topic and other issues, feel free to take a look at for further guidance.