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Misleading Cases Due To Identity Thefts And The Need Of Lawyers

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Crime is crime everywhere in the world, but sometimes a person can be mistaken for some other criminal without even knowing about the crime which can turn into a tragic end. There is a number of such similar cases where a guilty person is saved and some other is being punished only because of lack of proper evidence. Misleading signs are often pointed out by the criminals who may use another person’s identity and use crucial information related to crime as bait for an innocent person.

A misleading case

Criminal identity theft is also possible in traffic scenario and the imposter may use other’s driving licence with another person’s name. By doing this, they are likely to escape the fine and the compensation passes on to another person whose name is being used. In this scenario, the judge will probably issue a warrant of arrest for the violation of traffic but the name in the licence card who is an innocent person has to be the victim.

The original victim will never appear to the court as there is no evidence regarding his real identification in the fraudulent licence but the innocent person has to visit the court several times without even knowing the case and striving to get out from it. This is known as identity theft which is more dangerous than the financial theft. Sometime identity theft can also be used in bigger crimes and records of such crimes can’t easily be cleared with the name of the innocent person who is considered guilty from the evidence point of view.

In this situation, only strong evidence can be helpful and finding those evidence and presenting it exactly to the court can be done best by an experienced criminal lawyers Sydney. A defence lawyer for such cases should be skilled and experienced enough for sure to handle the whole case from the innocent’s point of view.