April 14, 2024

Bounce houses always seem to be quite fun and enjoyable until an accident occurs. Well, you will often see these inflatables everywhere in various kids’ parties or just where the kids are involved. Some parents have them in their homes not necessarily for their kids alone but it helps in providing some form of entertainment to other kids too.

This comes as an advantage whenever you are hosting a party or any other event and your friends come with their kids. They can jump and scream inside the bounce houses as you get busy with other things. However, you need to know that the kids inside the bounce house are protected only by inflated walls which are also not that safe as you might have thought.

The safety of bounce houses involves a lot of things and here are a few tips you can use when choosing a bounce house and also avoid injuries. You can also check out this link to know much about bounce house injury law https://bouncehouseinjurylaw.com/

  • Choosing the right brand

When it comes to purchasing things, you always want to buy from a trusted supplier or brand, right? Of course, a lot of people would often trust a band mainly because of the quality of items they produce. A reputable supplier always means high-quality products.

Well, you need to know that branded products always go through a strict process for a quality check just before they are made available for purchase in the market. If you want to make sure that your kids are going to be safe, you should first start with selecting a nice bounce house from a good brand.

  • The material used

from getting the bounce house from a trusted brand, you should also put some focus on the type of material used for making it. This usually plays a major role especially when it comes to the quality of the bounce house you are planning to get. These inflatables are always made using different materials including Nylon, Commercial vinyl, PVC Tarpaulin, and Polyester Oxford.

These materials are often used depending on the capacity of the bounce house models. For instance, the PVC Tarpaulin material is often used for those heavy commercial bounce houses.

For the residential models, you should consider going for the ones made of Polyester material since it is lightweight. Also, for the safety and durability of the bounce house, you should consider checking the stitching quality. Multiple stitching is always a good sign of safety and durability.

  • The size

The size of the bouncing you are looking to find also plays a part in the kids’ safety. Of course, it’s natural that you wouldn’t want to pick a residential sized model and use it for commercial purposes, right? This is why you should also be keen and select the correct bounce house size.

Bounce houses usually come in different shapes and sizes and picking the right one with the correct size and weight can really go a long way in preventing bounce house accidents.

This, however, will depend on the number of kids you are planning to host on them at a time and also their average weight. This simple math will help you to find the right item.

  • The pump

This is another important part of a bounce house. They usually come already fitted inside them. When choosing a bounce house, you should make sure that the pump specifications are up to standards and that it can guarantee a continuous flow of air into the bounce house when kids are using it.

This will help to keep the walls inflated while the kids are playing inside. Keeping the bounce inflated also helps in preventing damages and therefore making them last longer.

  • Enough floor space

Before you go shopping for a bouncy house, it is important that you first make sure there is enough floor space where you are going to place it. This is important since you need to ensure there is adequate space to give room for both the kids to play and also for things like the air outlets and the pumps.

Such things should be kept far from the kids since you don’t want them to be tripping and falling each time as they run around. The air outlets should also be kept away from any obstacles. This promotes the safety of both the items and the kids.

  • Safety guide

Whenever you purchase a new item, it is important to always go through the user manual and find out some safety tips. The safety instructions usually come with the product being supplied by the manufactures.

Reading through the guide will help you to know more as it usually contains instructions on operations, safety, and maintenance. This will help you to handle the bounce house properly. With these few tips, you can help your kids to have a safer bounce house they can enjoy playing in. Click here for some more safety tips.