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Mistakes Made During Wills & Estate Planning

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For most of the people, if you haven’t properly planned your property or making a valid will, it will cause a serious impact on the Inheritance.  Sometimes, the heirs’ relationship becomes worse or even raise the conflict. So making the legal wills and estate planning is important for peoples and asking for help from experienced lawyers is smart.

According to law practice, the following are the common mistakes made during wills & estate planning.

  1. Choosing the wrong executor

What is the role of the wills & estate executor? The chosen executor is to administer your estate on your death. They need to identify and collect your assets, ensure the debts are satisfied, then distribute your estate amongst nominated the heirs. 

During the process, the executor should act in good faith and carry out their legal obligations, such as abiding by the terms of the will and undertake the law. The most important step of the heritage legal practice, you must clearly state who would be the executor within the will, and how you wish them to fulfill their task.

  1. Miss the residue clause in the will

What should do while the executor encounters any portion of the property without specifically mentioned? Under such conditions, it’s necessary to have the properly worded ‘residue of estate’ clause within the will.

Normally, the residue clause should be included in the will for the sake of handling all estate property. Otherwise, some property without specifically mentioned is hard to divide and inherit. It will cost a long time to argue between the heirs. 

On the contrast, the experienced lawyer can give you the proper legal advice to avoid such knotty issues

On the contrast, the experienced lawyer can give you the proper legal advice to avoid such knotty issues

  1. The will is invalid

The purpose of a will is to distribute the estate to heirs according to your wish. That means the will is a legal document and it should comply with many legal requirements. Once the will becomes invalid, your estate won’t be distributed as you intended. The worse result is the close family bonds are broken by the conflict of interest. Sometimes it can be solved only through legal processes.

How to avoid the will become an invalid document? The best way is to ask a qualified lawyer to prepare a will match the formal legal requirement.


Since most people are not legal professionals, they will encounter a number of problems while they make a will. For the sake of wasting lots of time and cost, it is always smartly to ask for legal assistance from local lawyers.