October 3, 2023

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The old adage that “accidents happen all the time” is one fact we have to deal with. There’s just no telling when an accident would occur, and this alone should prep us up for any eventuality – whether it involves a bowling bowl dropped on a foot or a vehicle collision along the interstate.

But there are a lot of situations where human accountability is involved. These are also situations where you can be compensated for losses that could have been avoided otherwise.

Personal injury, after all, occurs when a person suffers from physical and emotional damages incurred as a result of actions either deliberate or unintended. Each country has its own legal definition for the term “personal injury.” But even though that’s the case, attorneys from East to West all agree on the fact that personal injury involves accountability if such situations (accidents, in particular) were the result of human negligence and, hence, entail payment.

If a person happens to suffer from a horrific and supposedly avoidable accident, he or she can claim a large amount of money covering expenses and losses incurred. Still, plaintiffs need to understand the basics behind filing a personal injury suit. According to an article by Justia, plaintiffs are sure to win compensation packages if they are able to prove the following requisites:

  1.  the defendant’s duty of care,
  2.  the defendant’s breach of that duty,
  3.  actual causation,
  4.  proximate causation, and
  5.  actual damages.

These requisites can be applied to scenarios where the other person has a responsibility to ensure safety and security of the people around him or her. A surgical operation for instance is a good example of a situation where extreme levels of care has to be applied. You can file a suit against the doctors and nurses handling the operation if it resulted in breach of professional ethics and expertise.

Once you are in favorable position to launch a suit, you need to look for a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, such as Steinberg Injury Lawyers. Based in Southern California, the firm has helped individuals and families get large sums from accidents that result in debilitating injuries. Surely, looking for such a law firm can guarantee that you will be claiming the right amount of money.

But how much exactly?

To calculate the claims you will be getting from a personal injury case, you will need to consider the expenses you have accumulated for treating the injury. Accidents that range from car collisions to a simple slip across an icy driveway will put you in the hospital for weeks. Not only that, you will also have to shoulder heavy medical bills during your stay, on top of medication and therapy sessions. Staying in the hospital can also deprive you of opportunities to earn an income; hence, you will also need to include lost earnings in the total sum. Other than that, there are also other things to include such as general (emotional and psychological) damages and potential future losses as a result of disability.

Obviously, launching a personal injury suit takes a lot of paperwork. But as long as you have the best law firm by your side, it wouldn’t be too difficult on your part to get what you deserve.