December 2, 2023


Landlord tenant lawyer NYC is the lawyer who solves the problems if any caused between the landlord and the tenant. All the paper work and agreements are made by these lawyers related to the property between the landlord and the tenant. The person has knowledge about all the real estate policies about the property of the landlord the person works for. It resolves all the problems faced by his clients in most cost effective and efficient manner.

Why does a tenant need a landlord tenant lawyer?

  • Health issues- if the property has caused diseases or health issues due to improper care of the house.
  • Landlord harassment- if the landlord has been harassing the family members of the tenant or the tenant itself for any reason.
  • Discrimination- discrimination has been made by the landlord on the basis of religion or caste.
  • Wrong eviction reason- the landlord might try to make a false accuse to the tenant for evicting the rental property.
  • Wrongfully holding off the security deposit- the landlord might hold of the security deposit which has to be returned after leaving the rental property. There might be cases where the landlord does not return it back and then a lawyer is needed to solve this problem.

Where to find a landlord tenant lawyer?

  • courthouses like in landlord- tenant court
  • online searching in different online sites
  • tenant unions through the help of a local lawyer who might provide a list of tenant lawyers near the area desired
  • references through family members or relative or friends and even from a known lawyer
  • In bar associations like in New York bar association, landlord tenant lawyer NYC is found.

Thus, these are several ways of finding a tenant lawyer.