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When Do You Need a Public Liability Lawyer?

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Are you badly hurt or injured in a private or public area due to the owner’s negligence? Did you get an injury caused by a defective product? If so, then you are eligible to claim public liability compensation. You just have to contact public liability lawyers to assess your case, and you can file a complaint.

Who Are Entitled To This Compensation?

Anyone who experienced injury in a public place is qualified for a ‘no-win no-fee’ claim as  compensation. You can do this especially if the accident is due to the carelessness of another party.

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Accidents that public liability claims can be created for may include:

  1. Chemical burns: Any contact injuries caused by cleaning or chemical agents
  2. Scalds/burns: These are injuries from spills in cafes and restaurants including hot water taps and hot drinks
  3. Falls: These may be due to slippery stairs, broken steps, drizzly leaves on the pathway, potholes in paths, and roads and faulty slides and rides at parks
  4. Whiplash injuries: Usually faulty escalators and malfunctioning fairground ride are included here
  5. Hazardous materials: You need to call a lawyer once you’re exposed to asbestos or any dangerous materials
  6. Slips and trips: You may also file a claim when you’re injured due to wet or slippery floors in libraries, shops, or concert halls
  7. Glass injuries: Broken or shattered glasses in public places can also hurt you
  8. Food allergies and poisoning
  9. Sexual assault and physical assault

How Can You Claim For Public Liability Accidents?

Subsequently, it is imperative to report whatever accidents happen in a public area to the authorities and individuals in charge of the building like the manager.

More importantly, every detail of the accident must be recorded. When the case is submitted to the court, you can use the recorded data as evidence. You can also use them to apply for a sick leave from your workplace.

Contact a lawyer right after your accident while every detail of the event is still fresh and clear. Relay everything to you lawyer. He’ll know what you should do next.

Who’ll Pay The Compensation For Your Claim?

Generally, the insurance company of the organization or company liable for the accident is the one responsible for paying the compensation. For instance, the XYZ restaurant is insured by ABC insurance company. ABC insurance company will pay you the required amount approved by the court. All organizations and businesses do have public liability insurance, covering any claims that they might have in the future.

Do You Need To Go To The Court For This Claim?

Your solicitor will always make you fully aware of everything about the case. Most of the time, claims are settled out of the court since lawyers will strive hard to get the best possible settlement for you.

Final Thoughts

Each state strictly enforces a time limit when you lodge a compensation claim. Most of the time, public liability cases can be resolved in less than three years. However, there are also some exceptions.