December 2, 2023


A family lawyer in Singapore can only do so much for your divorce case. While they would give assistance and help you every step of the way, they have no control whatsoever over what happens in your daily life. However, they have some tips to help you avoid gossip that affect the situation:

  1. People are free to express themselves on their social media accounts as long as they are not engaging in petty misdemeanours because you would not want to have another case with a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore. Kidding aside, using social media to air dirty laundry or talk ill about your spouse is one way to gather unnecessary drama in your life. It is probably the best advice for high-profile couples who have an online presence.
  2. Another part of divorce mediation in Singapore is preventing issues with the family and friends of your spouse. Why? First, these people might take sides, which is perfectly understandable given the variety of relationship dynamics. Second, the more you put yourself out there or invoke attention, there will be drama and feuds. People will talk about the issue, and not in the way you like.
  3. What others think is not covered by the women’s charter or any other mandate that protects the interests of both parties. While our goal is not to victim-blame anyone, experiencing drama and gossip is something you should avoid because they make things more complicated.
  4. The best divorce lawyer in Singapore will tell you to keep a low profile or avoid talking too much about the issue. Sure, the occasional venting and talking with your friends is a necessity, but be careful with the information you share despite the deep trust.

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