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Obtaining the Proper Legal Defence

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If you need legal defence representation, you need to contact a lawyer that offers assistance 24 hours per day. That way, regardless of the time you are placed under arrest, you can obtain the help you need. Make sure you work with a defence firm that has been instrumental in shaping the legal environment—a firm that will vigorously work for you in defending your rights.

The defence firm that handles your case should also be a firm that is committed to ensuring your individual rights at an affordable price. You need lawyers who offer the type of robust representation that enables people of all backgrounds to be represented properly.

Obtain the Best Outcome

Everyone is entitled to high-quality legal representation, regardless of their current circumstances or means. Whether a defence case is privately funded or legally aided, you should receive legal help of the highest calibre. That means your defence case should be planned and prepared by a solicitor who will act as both your representative and advocate. Choose a law firm that specialises in various areas of criminal defence so you are assured of securing the best results.

Needless to say, being arrested for an offence is a stressful, if not daunting, experience. That is why lawyers in Dorking work at making sure clients receive the proper legal advice. Because an arrest is the most crucial stage of any investigation, an experienced solicitor can mean the difference between a charge and conviction or a release. Therefore, work with a firm that treats all criminal defence cases as a matter of high priority.

Criminal Defence Areas

Criminal defence specialists today are experienced in areas such as homicide, confiscation applications, ASBOs, sexual and pornography offences, and road traffic matters. Choose a firm that defends legal aid cases as well as accepts instructions on a private basis at affordable rates. Some firms will work with you and represent and defend you on a fixed-fee basis if you so choose.

Know Your Rights If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested in the UK, make sure you know your rights before contacting a lawyer. For example, according to the law, the police may hold you for 24 hours before they charge you for a crime or release you. They can also apply to hold you for as long as 36 or 96 hours, especially if you are suspected of a serious offence, such as homicide. You can also be held without charge for 14 days if your arrest falls under the Terrorism Act.

The police may release you on police bail if they do not have enough evidence to charge you. While you do not have to pay to be released on police bail, you do have to return to the police station for further questioning when asked. You may be released on conditional bail if you are charged by the police and they believe you committed another offence, intimidated another witness or witnesses, obstructed the course of justice, or failed to turn up for a court date.